Mauritius Islamic Mission (MIM) – Education at MIM

For the past 3 years, MIM has started investing in the education of children. The purpose was to prepare these children to integrate the society in a proper way. That is with a good education which will lead to a good job and life. This will help to eradicate poverty.

The education fields being taught at MIM are:

  • Academic tuition – to prepare the students for exams at school, primary and secondary.
  • Handicraft
  • Free computer courses
  • Cookery
  • Crafts
  • Leadership skills
  • Primary course at Vallée Pitot


The library of MIM consists of wide variety of books which enclose the Islamic world of all time. Starting from the most important book, the Qu’ran, MIM has a collection of the top best tafseer, history narration of ayaats, du’as in the Qu’ran, important lessons, etc. There are also hadith books of Sahi Bukari, Muslim and Tirmizi, books on the history of the Prophete Muhamed (SAW), life of Sahabas, Jihad events, and the propagation of Islam in the world.

MIM library is opened to anyone seeking Islamic knowledge. The library room has enough space to welcome about thirty persons during the library opening hours, some can also do group discussions and research.


This post is taken from the website of the Mauritius Islamic Mission.

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