Mauritius Islamic Mission (MIM) – MIM History

The Mauritius Islamic Mission was set up in 1962.The principal reason behind its establishment was the bad plight and poverty which the community, in general and the Mauritian at large, found themselves after the passage of cyclone Carol in 1960. Consequently a group of sincere and devoted Muslim brothers joined their efforts to mitigate the suffering of the poor and needy. The collection of Zakaat started and financial help was given to less fortunate brothers and sisters in the form of food, construction needs and provision of water and electricity.

The Mission with a small collection of Zakaat money left no stone unturned in alleviating the living conditions of the inhabitants of Port-Louis specially those living in the region of Plaine Verte.

Some 20 years later, in the nineteen eighty, the need of a day care centre for the disabled was felt. A few years later a land was purchased at 2velore Street and a building was subsequently erected there on. At present 15 girls aged between 15 and 32, Most of them mentally sick, attend the day care center.

As years passed more requests for financial assistance were received. Presently some 225 families are being issued monthly with a food voucher between RS 300 to RS 500 each. In 1962 the food voucher was only four rupees.

The Mission realizes that RS 300 is not sufficient but could not do otherwise as some RS 650,000 are disbursed under this item yearly. Other financial assistances are being made in terms of construction aid, payment of arrears C.E.B / C.W.A bills and house rents. Please see Appendix 11 for more information.

The Mauritius Islamic Mission is aware of the importance of Education in the well being of the family and the onward progress of the community and we are, therefore concentrating in providing free tuition to those students who cannot afford to pay for these tuitions.


Our Objectives are:

  • Alleviating poverty by various means.
  • Support to poorest children in their education.
  • Basic level formation for unemployed person.
  • Organising cultural, social and economic activities


Our Activities:

  1. Distribution of food provision for more than 100 families regularly every month.
  2. Helping families with medical problems.
  3. Part contribution in the construction of houses for deprived families.
  4. Running a day care center for mentally handicapped children.
  5. Run computer courses for poor children to enhance their educational level
  6. Provide mortuary equipment facilities
  7. The Mission also runs a mortuary service, where the equipments and materials are at cost price and free for those who can not afford and
  8. Publishes a monthly newspaper Le Croissant.
  9. And the most important activity is the DAAWAA, which is the reason of the existence of the Mauritius Islamic Mission.


The mortuary department offers all services for death ceremony. MIM offers all stuffs needed for the dead at any time, and bear no profit on the stuffs being sold to the people. In some case, MIM gives the stuff freely to people in need.

Other service of the Mortuary department is the Ghousal of dead person, male only. There is always a team of people ready to give the Ghousal at any time.


This post is taken from the website of the Mauritius Islamic Mission.

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