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Jaffery Academy – Arusha

Jaffery Academy, founded in 1992, owned by the“Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat – Arusha and managed by a private consortium of businessmen under the name of Acumen Management Ltd. The Academy is based on the principles and precepts, dream and vision of the Saint Ja’far “The Truthful” whose message “Spread the light of Wisdom and truth” and his inspiration emphasize oneness of God and Universal brother hood. His knowledge of sciences such as mathematics, chemistry, medicine and astronomy gave Jabir Ibn Hayyan (Algebra), to the world. The famous pioneer of physics, chemistry and mathematics, was his disciple who wrote about four hundred treatises based on his mentor’s instructions. Jaffery Institutions have been established in the true sprit, vision, wisdom, and tradition of the saint Ja’far “the Truthful” and named after him.

This piece is taken from the website of the Jaffery Academy – Arusha.

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