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Southern Africa Dawah Network

Southern Africa Dawah Network

With the grace and mercy of Allah, the SADN started of as a project of the Africa Muslim Agency (AMA) – Kwa Zulu Natal office Queen Street, Durban. The AMA launched its relief, education and humanitarian efforts in the region and continued to make good progress in these spheres.

However, with the experience of Br.Yusuf Mohammedy, as head of the Natal AMA, and with his substantial experience in the Dawah, The SADN still as a project of AMA made substantial Dawah inroads in the areas of workshops, seminars, teacher training and public Dawah. A very notable achievement was the establishment of the Verulam Islamic Institute of Girls, in collaboration with the Sudan based Munazammat Dawah Islamia (MDI).

With the Dawah efforts accelerating at a swift pace, the AMA headquarters in Kuwait in association with AMA Gauteng resolved to give SADN autonomy and independence. Hence in Durban the SADN became an independent Non Government Organisation separated from the AMA with its own constitution, budget and Shura / Management Committee.

From this period onwards the SADN began a new chapter in the Dawah mission in Southern Africa with a significant impact in South and Southern Africa. Besides the various Dawah activities, the SADN stands out for the successful running of the following Educational Centres: M.A. Motala Educational Centre (Boarding), Lydenburg Educational Centre (Boarding), Botshabelo Islamic Centre (Day Madressa) and the Amouti Islamic Centre (Day Madressa).

The SADN is grateful to the Africa Muslim Agency for the initial funding and resources to develop and strengthen the SADN as one of the leading Dawah players in the region. The SADN is also appreciative to our Management structure, devoted staff and collaborative Organisations for the role to steer the SADN through difficult periods in its history.

The success of the SADN is underpinned by the resources and financial support from our loyal and committed donors who over a decade has partnered with us to bring the message and light of Islam to the disadvantaged communities in the region. May Allah bless their endeavours and reward them with jannat . Ameen.

With our abiding faith and hopes in the Creator, and with the dedication and commitment of the SADN community, the SADN will inshaallah continue to serve Humanity for the pleasure of Allah.

This piece is taken from the website of the Southern Africa Dawah Network.

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