The Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance (KMYA) – Message From the CEO

CEO Message

The Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance (KMYA) is an independent national youth network established in November 2003 to empower young Muslims through constructive and progressive engagement. KMYA goals are accomplished through capacity building, networking, dialogue, research, health related programs, information sharing and advocacy.

Since inception, KMYA have successfully implemented projects that have improved participation of young Muslims in nation building and democratic development in the country. Through this process, KMYA has realized that very little have been achieved by many organizations including government agencies in addressing concerns of the marginalized Muslim youth mainly due to  “strait jacket policy: one fits all”- it is assumed that programs targeting young people will automatically involve and benefit the youthful Muslims.

In our thinking informed by our past projects and activities, young Muslims require programs that are sensitive and reflective of their culture, values and traditions. The promulgation of the New Constitution in Kenya in August 2010 has provided an opportunity to focus specifically on the participation of the youth leadership in the devolved system of governance in pursuit of Vision 2030. KMYA is well positioned to play its role and contribute towards ensuring that the Muslim Youth play a meaningful role in rolling out the New Constitution in line with tenets of good governance, equity, justice and fairness.

More importantly, the organization’s strategic plan 2010-2015 will act as a guide for assessing performance and achievement of the results in the next five years. It provides clear strategies, objectives and outputs that will guide stakeholders in the implementation of projects and programs so as to accomplish the Alliance’s objectives. KMYA’s strategic direction is anchored around seven thematic areas, namely;

1.    Muslim Youth Leadership Development.
2.    Peace Building and Human Security.
3.    Democratic development.
4.    Media.
5.    Reproductive Health and other health related issues.
6.    Gender and other marginalized groups.
7.    Environmental Conservation.

On behalf of the Management Board, Staff and the membership of the Alliance, I welcome you to the KMYA’s electronic guesthouse- Karibu.

This piece is taken from the website of the Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance (KMYA).

See on-line at:


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