Arab Gambian Islamic Bank (AGIB Ltd.) – AGIB History

AGIB History



  • The Arab Gambian Islamic Bank Limited (AGIB) was incorporated as a private limited liability company on 11 November 1994 and
    was granted a banking license by Central Bank of The Gambia on 12 September 1996.
  • Its original 10 shareholders provided the seed capital to form the private bank. The Managing Director is one of the core founders
    and the brain behind the bank’s formation
  • Technical assistance was provided by the Islamic Development Bank in the form of human resources for one year.
  • The Bank currently operates only in the Gambia and has over 130 employees with 5 branches and the Head Office with plans to scale up in the near future.

    Unique Characters

  • The only Islamic bank in the Gambia.
  • Differentiated Islamic products.
  • Assists disadvantaged people in the community.
  • Legally allowed to own equity in other companies and also operate in the Real Estate market.


    The core values of the bank are shared belief that drives behavior in the company backed by the Islamic faith. Some of these values, which are aimed at realizing the bank’s mission and goals, are:

  • Honesty.
  • Tolerance.
  • Team work.


This piece is taken from the website of the Arab Gambian Islamic Bank.

See on-line at:


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