Al Atharee Association of The Gambia for Islamic Education, Dawah and Propagation – Jumua Masjid Al Ghurabaa

Da’ee Training Centre Course at Masjid Al Ghurabaa, Kartong, South Kombo

Since the time of Prophet, Muhammad , Masaajid (mosques) were established for a dual purpose namely, assembling of Muslims for the 5 daily congregational Salah as well as being Community Learning Centres, for those seeking the knowledge of The Qur’aan & Sunnah and the learning of The Religion (Deen, implementation of Islam in daily life).

Inshaa’Allaah, Al Atharee Association aims to follow this excellent example by incorporating a Da’ee Training Centre within Masjid Al Ghurabaa, complemented by the adjacent ‘First Islamic Public Reference Library of The Gambia”, both of which Al Atharee constructed and established in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

The objective of a Da’ee Training Centre at Masjid Al Ghurabaa is to provide a springboard facility, whereby the many Gambian graduates returning every year from Islamic institutions abroad, or completing Arabic further education courses here in The Gambia, will be able to put their learning to good use and simultaneously broaden their opportunities to earn suitable livelihoods, befitting their Islamic Knowledge and linguistic skills.

Inshaa’Allaah Al Atharee envisages that a selection of students from amongst graduates and undergraduates will be enrolled upon a dual level Da’ee Training Course of 12 months duration with the emphasis on Da’ee Field Practice with Mentoring and Community Literacy Teacher Training. 

Initial Practice fieldwork will take place in the rural and coastal district of Kartong Village, South Kombo as its residents numbering about 10,000 are already familiar with Al Atharee Warming Hearts, Da’wah & Propagation programme..

The second Da’ee Practice Fieldwork block will be conducted in the semi-urban district of Brufut, utilising the facilities of Masjid Al Atharee, which we constructed and established in 2004 and which, led by its first Imam Muhammad Jadama, has successfully continued to maintain the impetus for The Da’wah, in the urban North Kombo region.

Upon successful completion of the Da’ee Training Course,  their main work will be to participate in the formation of our nationwide MOON project and assist in other Al Atharee Association projects.

Their course Mentors will initially accompany them and continue to visit regularly and assist them as required, including collecting and recording feedback concerning the execution, development and progress of the Orphans & Dawah in their respective districts.

This piece is taken from the website of the Al Atharee Association of The Gambia for Islamic Education, Dawah and Propagation.

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