Al Atharee Association of The Gambia for Islamic Education, Dawah and Propagation – Jumua Masjid Al Atharee

Masjid Al Atharee is the namesake of our Association and was built in response to the rapid effects of our initial Grass Root Dawah effort in the Brufut Santasou district, begun in March 2003.

The founders of Al Atharee Association purchased land for the sole purpose of constructing a Masjid upon it for D40’000. The next step was the digging and construction of a concrete lined Well which was also a gift to the surrounding neighbourhood and 15 compounds still appreciate being able to draw its sweet water twice daily. Muslims of South West London contributed to its construction and furbishment which took place between December 2003 – May 2004.

Muhammad Lamin Jadama co-founder of Al Atharee Association was appointed as its Imam. He immediately designed and taught a comprehensive daily schedule of Islamic Studies with an emphasis on Literacy. All age sectors of the local community were made welcome. His vibrant relevant Khutba [Sermon] every Jumua Salat [Friday congregational prayer] rapidly became very popular not only amongst the locals, keen for authentic islamic knowledge to help them with their daily lives, but also medical students and professionals from the city.

In 2007 when Muhammad Jadama took up his undergraduate studies at Medina al Munawarra University KSA, he arranged a number of knowledgeable graduates to share the tasks of maintaining the Community Classes and regular delivery of the Khutba. Hence Masjid Al Atharee has continued successfully to uphold its initial impetus, in the North Kombo region, for the importance of Literacy, Learning and Understanding Islam, according to the precepts of the Quran and Sunnah.  

As Al Atharee Association is now moving into its second stage of Consolidation and Growth, Masjid Al Atharee will Insha’Allah continue to hold its pivotal position in our nationwide Dawah & Daiee Training objectives. Its founding Imam, Muhammad Jadama has not only returned to the Gambia as an Honours Graduate [Shariah] but has also been commended by a leading member of the Ulema, Shaikh Ubaid Al Jaabiree of Medina al Munawarra, as being a man of sufficient integrity, competence and vision to considerably aid Al Atharee Association to reach its objectives.


This piece is taken from the website of the Al Atharee Association of The Gambia for Islamic Education, Dawah and Propagation.

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