African Muslim Association – About Ourselves

The ‚African Muslim Association’ (AMA) is an association of Muslims from African countries, and it has been informally founded in 1991. Initially there were meetings in the flat of Alhajj Abdallah Ahmad, a Haussa speaking Ghanaian, for the purpose of prayer and conversation. Within a short time other Muslims joined them so that the flat did no longer offer sufficient place. In the year 1995 the decision was taken to continue the activities within the framework of a registered association.

In 1997 the association was in a position to open a mosque – the Ansar-ul-Deen mosque – in Adenauerallee 54 where Muslims from now on had been meeting for prayers instead of going to other mosques in Hamburg. The mosque had to be entered from Böckmannstraße. It was situated near the main railway station and was opened 24 hours per day.

In the mosque of the AMA there were besides an office also rooms for children and women, and at weekends children and adults were given lessons.

The non-profit association is financed by sponsoring memberships, collections after prayer services and donations. Numerous other activities are supported by it.

This mosque has been closed after the Friday Prayer on 27th of October 2006.

Starting from 19th of January 2007 we shall meet in our new mosque in Wendenstraße 285, 20537 Hamburg, where rooms have been rented and where we want to proceed with our activities.


Among other things there is assistance for sick persons, support at burials, lessons for children and women. Everybody is given help – newcomers in Hamburg, be they Christians or Muslims, in public authorities, for solving their problems in every day life in a city …- whether they are speaking Haussa, Twi, other African languages, English, French or German. In the same way announcements are given in several languages.

Friday Prayer is being held in four languages. On these occasions about 200 Muslims come together, among them women and children. The sermon is given in Arabic, followed by a translation into Haussa, English und French. After Prayer many of them who have not to return to their work, stay in the mosque for social get-together or meet each other in front of the mosque.

Though the majority of Muslims in this mosque is of West African origin, also people from other African countries come to the services. Moreover Albanian, German, Turkish and other Muslims are taking part.

We have contacts with other mosques and communities. The AMA also is interested in contacts with the Christian Church und with communities of African Christians.

The African Muslim Association e.V. is member of the SCHURA, the council of Islamic communities in Hamburg.

A long-term aim is to set up a workshop to instruct carpentry, car mechanics and tailoring. These qualifications shall enable the participants to earn their living in their home countries..

In August 2001 the AMA organized a demonstration against drug trafficking at the central railway station.

For a considerable period there were contacts und discussions regarding problems of  integration with the criminal investigation department in Hamburg.

 bank account                        

Herr Bobby Nyass

Adenauerallee 54

20097 Hamburg

Tel.: 040/2804355
Fax: 040/2804355

Fax: 040/28051831
 African Muslim Association e. V.

Hamburger Sparkasse

account no. 1209123577

bank code: 20050550 


This piece is taken from the website of the African Muslim Association.

See on-line at: 


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