Boko Haram Website – Attack! Attack!! Attack!!!

Friday, 17 June 2011



This piece is taken from the website of the Boko Haram.

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  1. yoni fast

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk you boko haram .i think you are son’s of are not representative of islam.again you are son’s of DAVILLLLLLLLLL.AND BOKO ….TAKECARE…don’t think in your mind islam watch in africa….never ever foerever.isalm never ever win in the world.this action before 40years and 50 years contiunes trying islam dominated other riligus.but never,ever,forever musilim not win…..christian the real religus… the world.fuck youuuuuuuuuuu boko haram,

  2. Andrew

    Mallam/Sister, do you know Satan is also claiming to be God (Allah of the Bible)? Do you know Satan can appear to a human being as an Angel of truth to give him a message or make him his prophet? No matter your education, if you keep the Word of God (the Holy Bible) aside, you have completely lost. And if you lost for not knowing God, you have completely become an illiterate no matter the professional qualifications you have acquired in the World the Devil can turn you the way he likes. Islam is today saying; Prophet Abraham worshiped the Quranic-Allah. Islam is not wrong by that statement. Prophet Abraham truly worshipped the Quranic-Allah through a (Moon-god) in the Ka’aba before God (Allah of the Holy Bible) called him to be His Prophet. The Quranic-Allah might have claimed the name “Allah” and appeared to Prophet Mohammed if truly “Allah” is God’s name. But if not so, I can say Christians borrowed the name into their Holy Bible ignorantly. The Quranic-Allah only claimed to have created the World and called Abraham as a Prophet in the Quran. Clashes between the Quranic-Allah and God (Allah of the Holy Bible) in the World, started at Prophet Abraham’s house. Mallam/Sister all that is happening today between Arabs (Ishmaelite) and Jews (Israelite) or between Muslims and Christians in the World was Prophet Abraham’s wife (Sarah) who caused it, though it was not her personal thought but a thought from the Quranic-Allah to advice her husband. When God called Prophet Abraham, God looked at him in his old age without a child and promised to bless him with a Son. When that Quranic-Allah happened to know about it, he quickly rushed and entered Sarah’s heart to advice her husband against the will of God to lay with their house maid (Hagar an Egyptian girl). When Abraham heard his wife and lay with Hagar, Hagar conceived and bore a son which Abraham called “Ishmael”. Later God still fulfilled his promise to Abraham by blessing the womb of Sarah, and she bore to Prophet Abraham a Son called “Isaac”, (Genesis 16:2-3, 17:15-22, 18:10-15, 22:1-19). Ishmael grew in hatred for Isaac because of the misunderstanding going on between the two mothers in the house. Sarah later spoke to Abraham her husband to send Hagar and her Son (Ishmael) out of the house. And Abraham sent Hagar and her son (Ishmael) out of his house to the desert, where God looked back at their suffering and gave them water (Ruwan Zanzam) which is found in Saudi Arabia, (Genesis 21:9-21). If you want to believe Ishmael was sent to the desert, take a look at the Countries of the World including Arabs’ Countries, you will see that where descendants of Isaac (Jews and Christians) mostly located at the Southern parts where there is adequate rainfall. And where the descendants of Ishmael (Arabs and Muslims) mostly found is the Northern parts which are desert or semi-desert in nature. And if you also look at even the Continents of the World, it is the same. If a Nation is located in a desert area but dominated by the descendants of Isaac, God will still bless that Nation to be fruitful, (Israel Nation for example). God said “He will bless who blessed Israel. And whoever cursed Israel, God will curse him”, (Genesis 12:3). God (Allah of the Holy Bible) cursed and sent Ishmael and his descendants (Muslims) to the desert. Any where they move desert encroachment will gradually follow their back. But to their god (the Quranic-Allah) is a blessing to them.
    The crisis/hatred between these two sons of Prophet Abraham continued that, Isaac choose to follow God that called his father, and Ishmael refused to follow God due to hatred he has on his brother and prefer to continue worshipping the idol-god his father had abandoned. This crisis/hatred between these sons of Abraham followed their descendants (Arabs and the Jews) and today, this crisis/hatred followed even those that are not Arabs or Jews just because they accepted the religions of the descendants of these two sons of Prophet Abraham (Judaism/Christianity and Islam).
    Mallam/Sister, the Quranic-Allah and God (Allah of the Holy Bible) are not the same. It is just Islam that is trying to relate that “Quranic-Allah” to be God/Yahweh (Allah of the Holy Bible). God (Allah of the Holy Bible) is in Paradise, while the Quranic-Allah is “Satan” in Hell. The Quranic-Allah has an image in the World, kept in a house called “Ka’aba” which his followers are worshipping him through facing that image today. Follow me, I can prove this to you.
    With the Holiness of the Word of God (Bible); Can demons and jinn proclaimed the love the words of God (Christian Allah) in the Holy Bible? No! But demons and jinn proclaimed to be Muslims by showing interest and love for the words of the Quranic-Allah in the Quran, (Q. Surah 46: 31, 72:1-9, Al-Ahqaf 29-32 and Jinn 14). Does the word of God (Holy Bible) contain satanic verses? No! But the word of the Quranic-Allah (Quran) contains satanic verses, (Q. Surah 53:19-20). Can God (Allah of the Bible) work with Demons to populate the Hell with men and jinn? No! But the Quranic-Allah works with the Demons day and night to populate the Hell with men, (Q. Surah 16:93). Can God (Allah of the Holy Bible) create Hell and still be in that Hell supervising people? No! But the Quranic-Allah is in Hell supervising people and the activities going on in Hell, (Q. 19:68-72). Can God (Allah of the Bible) mislead people? No! But the Quranic-Allah can mislead those he wants to misguide to Hell, (Q. Surah 13:27b; 25:8-9; 42:44; 4:88c). Can God (Allah of the Bible) allow His followers to enter Hell even if they serve Him faithfully? No! (Romans 8:1-2, John 3:17-19; 5:24). But no matter how faithful you serve the Quranic-Allah as a Muslim, you must enter Hell and nothing will hinder that, (Q. Surah 42:13). The Quranic-Allah is so wise. He says all Muslims must enter Hell, but did not tell them the number of years they will be in that Hell before transferred to Paradise. Mallam/Sister, the Quranic-Allah is now confirmed to be Satan in Hell, who does things the way he want by misguiding those he wants to misguide and put in Hell. Though the Quranic-Allah said he is going to bring Muslims out of that Hell after making it mandatory for them to enter the Hell. But, why should the Quranic-Allah made it mandatory for all Muslims to enter Hell (Q. Surah 42:13), and later say he will bring them out despite their obedient to him? How are you sure you will be among those that the Quranic-Allah will pick out from Hell to paradise, if truly he has that power? Do you think the Quranic-Allah will say all Muslims must pass through Hell just like that? From the Quranic verses above, don’t you know Hell is where that Quranic-Allah lives? Today you are busy worshipping and abusing Satan, while you will die and meet him in Hell. Mallam/Sister, will you die and meet Satan in Hell and later say he will bring you out to Paradise since you are a Muslim? What about if that Quranic-Allah decided to say; “My people remain here with me in the Hell forever, this is what I have decided for you”? I hope, that should not be why the Quranic-Allah is saying Muslims must enter Hell, because that Quranic-Allah is the owner and overall supervisor of that Hell. I also hope that should not be why the Quranic-Allah is saying; Muslims should pray hard because going through that Hell will not be easy for them.
    Mallam/Sister if you die and see yourself in Hell, you have no any complain, because Quranic-Allah had told you that, you will enter Hell for transformation. Even if you complain in that Hell, your complained in that place will not make that Quranic-Allah change his mind. The Quranic-Allah knows you will die without accepting Jesus Christ and go to Hell. Why should he promise you what he cannot give? But he knows if he promise you that, “you must enter Hell, which nothing will make you not to enter” (Q. Surah 42:13), and you truly die and see yourself in Hell for not accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you will not say that Quranic-Allah lied to you. It is the number of years that you will spend in that Hell waiting for that Quranic-Allah to transfer you out, will make you begin to doubt that Quranic-Allah. Mallam/Sister even if you doubted that Quranic-Allah, it will be too late for you then. You will only be crying with gnashing of teeth in vain. God (Allah of the Bible) is saying, “Repent and look for Him. If you die without accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you will not enter His Kingdom. Your reward will be definitely an everlasting punishment in Hell”. Don’t think if you die and see yourself in Hell as a Muslim, that Quranic-Allah in Hell will one day transfer you out that you have sin less. Hell is a place of no return, (Quran Surah 6:128, 11:107cf, and Mark 9:43, Mathew 13:49-50, Revelation 14:10-11, 20:10).
    Let me still prove to you that the Quranic-Allah is Satan. Do you know about the Black stone in the Ka’aba? Do you know that the pagan Arabs before the coming of Islam faced and worshipped that Black Stone in the Ka’aba as their lord? Do you also know Prophet Mohammed came and also embraced that Black-Stone which the pagan Arabs worshipped with a kiss and said, he was commanded to worship the lord of the house Ka’aba, which was then a territorial god of the city, Mecca? (Quran Surah 6:109, 106:3 and 27:91). Read this revelation that God had shown to Prophet John in the Holy Bible over 600 years before the coming of Islam. Thou the Holy Bible do not mention the name “Ka’aba” or “Islam”, but through what happened during the introduction of Islam by Prophet Mohammed, you will agree with me that the prophecy was about Islam and that Ka’aba, (Revelation 6:9-11, 13:11-18 and chapter 20:4). Prophet John said, he saw people been forced to face an image of the beast for worship, and those that do not agreed to face the image were ordered to be killed. Mallam/Sister, what happened during the introduction of Islam by Prophet Mohammed? Prophet Mohammed forced People by way of Jihad War to make them accept Islam and face that image (Black stone) in the Ka’aba for worship. And those that did not faced the Ka’aba to worship that black stone, Prophet Mohammed fought and killed them. Today again, those that do not accept to become Muslims and face that Black-stone in the Ka’aba for worship, the Quran (word of Allah) ordered that they should be killed, (Qur’an Surah 9:29). Prophet John still said; He saw those facing and prostrating to that image of the beast for worship getting marks on either their foreheads or hands. Today, as a result of prostrating and putting your foreheads on the ground to worship that image in the Ka’aba, you have gotten marks on your foreheads. Not only getting the marks, you are even proud of haven it that, it is Allah’s mark. Also, the Islamic Jihadists (Quranic-Allah’s soldiers) like the Al-Qaeda, Boko-haram, Ansar Dine, Taliban and the rest are now receiving marks on their hands today inform of swords that, they are fighters and killers for the Quranic-Allah. See the punishment of you Muslims having that mark of the beast (Satan) on the forehead or hands, (Revelation 14:9-11). The 666 number that God said over 2000 years ago in the Holy Bible, it is a Satanic number (Revelation 13:11-18). Today, Islam had claimed the number to be the Quranic-Allah’s number in the Quran. Visit this site “Quran666” and see it yourself. With these, will you say the Quranic-Allah is God (Allah of the Bible)? Please, who is that Quranic-Allah? Can God say in the Holy Bible “666” is Satan’s number and later claimed the number to be His again? Please Mallam/Sister, Satan is only hiding under the name of God (Allah of the Bible) to work with Islam to achieve his goals here on Earth.
    Mallam/Sister, God has only one way for salvation which is through “Jesus Christ”. But Satan has so many ways of deception, and he makes his ways attractive for people to see and believe he is God. The Satanic-religion you are hearing, Islam, Hinduism and all other religions that are not Judaism/Christianity will all unite under the umbrella of “Anti-Christ” when the time comes. These World religions will all unite and be against the people of God (Jews and the Christians) in the World.
    God was speaking to Prophet Moses concerning Jews that, He will raise to them a Prophet among them like Moses, (Deuteronomy 18:15-20). Islam today is saying that Prophet was Prophet Mohammed. What Islam need to know is, God said He will raised for Jews a Prophet among them. The question here is; Was Prophet Mohammed a Jew? Please see the Prophet God had promised to raised for Jews who was Jesus in (Acts 3:17-26). On the side of the Holy Spirit Jesus asked his followers to wait for in Jerusalem, (John 14:15-17, 15:26-27, 16:5-15, Acts 1:3-12, 2:1-4, Q. Surah 19:34, 4:171). Islam is still saying; that Spirit was Prophet Mohammed. Was Prophet Mohammed a spirit? Can Spirit be seen? The Holy Spirit Jesus promised came in few days after His resurrection, while Prophet Mohammed was born after 600 years and not even in Jerusalem. Jesus said, the Holy Spirit can neither be seen nor touched, and the Holy Spirit will dwell in his followers forever. But Prophet Mohammed was seen and touched, he did not dwell in people, and he died in the past 1,400 years.
    If the Qur’an itself will testify that, all Prophets including Prophets Mohammed have short-comings and only Jesus Christ that is pure without sin (Q. Surah 10:10, 19:19). And if both the Holy Bible and the Quran tell of the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, and also believed Jesus Christ was taken to Heaven and He will come back to judge the World (Q. Surah 19:16-35, 4:158, 43:61,) then Jesus Christ suppose to be the sealed and last Prophet of God not Prophet Mohammed. God used sinful Prophets of the World with short-comings for people to follow Him, and when discovered that people did not listened to them He sent His Spirit who is pure without sin to be born in flesh so that people can be save. And you are now saying God sent a sinful somebody again for mankind to be saved. God will not do that, if you did not accept Jesus Christ as the last Prophet from God and you embraced somebody else, you have definitely missed the way and follow the false prophets that Jesus said they will come after Him to deceive people, (Mathew 24:11, Mark 13:22, 2Peter 2:1, 1John 4:1). Mallam/Sister if you want to follow Prophet Mohammed just because he was an Arab man like you, go ahead. And if you are not an Arab man/woman and you rely on these Arab Muslims and Prophet Mohammed that he is the last and Prophet of God, they will definitely lead you to Hell. The Muslims saying Jesus Christ is for Jews alone, but Prophet Mohammed is Universal should read (Mathew 28:18, Mark 16:15-18, John 14:6, Acts 4:12 and Q. Surah 21:91, 19:21). The Arab Muslims you see, because of their hatred for Jews, most of them will prefer to die in worshipping Satan through that his image (Black Stone) in the Ka’aba. Arab Muslims are satanic agents in the World. They themselves don’t know this because, Allah had already misled them by blinding their eyes and minds, pulling them to Hell. God rejected Ishmaelite (Arabs) through Ishmael right from Abraham’s house, there the Quranic-Allah embraced them and working with them on Earth to achieve his goals of hindering people from accepting the Word of God (Holy Bible).
    What these Islamic Jihadists are doing today (Jihad) is exactly what Prophet Mohammed did. Prophet Mohammed’s Jihad and the one his disciples are doing today is the destruction and hindering people from hearing God’s Word on Earth which Satan is doing in the World. It is also the fulfillment of the Scripture in the Holy Bible that; “Ishmael shall become a wild Donkey of a man, his hands shall be against people and peoples’ hands against him”. And in some versions, the Holy Bible clearly says; “Ishmael shall also not spear his brothers (Genesis 16:6-15). During Prophet Mohammed’s Jihad, Prophet Mohammed fought people and people fought him back. Prophet Mohammed also fought his brothers (Arabs) forcing them to stop worshiping their lesser idols to the worshiping of Quranic-Allah through his Ancestral idol (the Black Stone) in the Ka’aba that was seen as the biggest and supreme idol. Today, Islamic Jihadists (Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko-haram, Ansar-Dine and the rest) are gathering weapons, fighting and attacking people in their homes, without the people saying anything to them. Because of this curse “Ishmael shall be a Wild Donkey of a man, and shall not spear his brothers”. Today, if a Muslim brother clearly shows his lack of support for these Jihadists, these Jihadists will follow and attack that brother and kill. Because of the curse today, you will see these Jihadists going for suicide bombing and killing themselves to kill others that they are doing the work of God (Allah of the Holy Bible) not knowing is a curse from God following them through Ishmael. The killing of both Christians and Muslims today by these Islamic Jihadists make some of the Muslims claimed the activities of these Jihadist not to be religion. These Muslims do think, if it is religion why should these Jihadists also be killing Muslims. They don’t know that God in the Holy Bible said, “Ishmael shall not also spare his brethren in his act of wild donkey’s behaviour”.
    Many Muslims today don’t want to hear people saying, Islam is terrorism and what these Islamic jihadists (Al-Qaeda, Boko-haram, Taliban and the rest) are doing is Islamic. Muslims had forgotten these verses in the (Quran surah 8:12, 9:5 and Surah 9:29). They don’t know that the Quranic-Allah is using the Muslims generally to hinder the Word of God from reaching people by killing Christians and putting fear in them not to come close to Muslims to preach to them. That Quranic-Allah today has raised his soldiers to bomb Churches and also hinder the building of new Churches in Muslim dominated areas. This Quranic-Allah had again given his soldiers (the Jihadists), the “go ahead” to kill the Muslims who are ready to leave him for God (Allah of the Bible). Some people today are saying, it is lack of good governance, lack of jobs and poverty causing this Islamic Jihadists killing people. And I asked myself; Why these Jihadists in the World all Islamic groups? Is it only in Islam there is poverty and lack of jobs? Why do these Jihadists attacking Churches and not Mosques, killing people? Do Churches provide jobs? These Jihadists use cars, bombs, guns in carry on their missions. Can a poverty person carry a Car costing N150, 000.00 to go for suicide bombing to kill himself and kill people? If it is poverty and these Jihadists put those cars they use for bombings on roads for commercial services, can’t they get what to eat? Some of these Jihadists are educated more than some of us. Some of them left their jobs to start this mission. And some of them are still working today, using their resources and positions in supporting these Islamic Jihadists groups. Is this poverty? In fact, if you meet these Jihadists, they will clearly tell you it is not poverty, but they are accomplishing what the Quranic-Allah told them to do. And they believed if they died in these killing and destructions for the Quranic-Allah, they will go to that Quranic-Allah’s Paradise for reward.
    Mallam/Sister, if Satan urinated on people, they have no say on their own. Whichever place Satan turn their faces and command them to go even if it means death, they will go and die ignorantly in obeying somebody who only regards them as dogs. If you know the Police dogs that have been trained by the Police to go and detect bomb, while the Police know the dogs may die. That is how the Quranic-Allah and these Islamic Jihadists fighters are. What the Quranic-Allah does with these Islamic Jihadists is; he does say to them “Go and fight for me. If you die fine, you are coming to meet me. If you did not die come back, I will still send you to other places till when you die”. These Jihadists don’t know that the Quranic-Allah even wanted them to die in trying to hinder the Gospel of God in the World so that people may die without knowing God. If the Quranic-Allah truly love them, he will not asked them to go and die like dogs. See the kind of reward the Quranic-Allah promised his followers, after accomplishing the great work he had given to them on Earth. That is, after hindering the spread of the Word of God (Allah of the Bible) on Earth, and also killing his followers (Muslims) who want to run and leave the Quranic-Allah for God (Allah of the Bible). The rewards are;
    1. When Muslims die, they must enter Hell, which nothing will hinder that. Hell, a place of no return. (Quran Surah 42:13, 6:128).
    2. In that Hell the Quran calls “Paradise”, the Quranic-Allah will give each Muslim man, 72 hurries (the Aljanna Women) and a big river of wine that they will be drinking and enjoying themselves with those women. (Q. Surah 56:10-22, 56:35-38, 76:5-21, 78:31, 37:40-48, Surah 44:51-55, 52:17-20, 55:56-57, 47:15, 83:22-29, 25, 3:15, 38:52).
    Prophet Mohammed that died over 1,400 years ago, and all Muslims who have also died are now enjoying these big gifts from the Quranic-Allah in his paradise. Ooh, what a sweet and wonderful paradise for Muslims. Islam has a very big and wonderful relaxation in the paradise the Quranic-Allah had promised to give them forever. No wonder, that is why Islam is working harder in forcing the Christians to worship that Quranic-Allah so that, they will not miss these big and wonderful gifts from their Allah. Mallam/Sister, why in the first place 72 women for one man? How many men would that Quranic-Allah promised give each Muslim woman in his paradise? Why does the Quranic-Allah so loved men to enjoy his paradise more than the women? Don’t you have any work for the Quranic-Allah in his paradise, but going round women rooms? Must Muslims have sex in Heaven before they can enjoy the pleasure of Paradise? Please read (2Peter 2:1-3, Mark 12:24-25, Luke 20:34-36).
    Mallam/Sister, some Muslims will enter the Kingdom of God (Allah of the Bible). The Lord God in His Word (the Holy Bible) says; we are going to be surprise seeing those we do not expect to see in His Kingdom. There are Muslims and Pagans today who physically you will see them-Muslims or Pagans but inside them they have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, but the fear of killing made them not to come out and say they are not more Muslims. These kinds of people are in thousands in Nigeria, and they are in millions in the World today. These Muslims have their Holy Bibles at home, some in their offices. They meet with the Christians secretly to learn the Word of God from the Holy Bible. They never join hands to plan evil against the people of God. Satan always puts fear in people by saying they should be killed when they leave Islam. This killing is a very big strategy from Satan. If Satan allowed you leaving him freely, you may cause others to also be looking for ways to run from him. And for Satan to just allow you go freely to be the cause of others escaping from his net again, he better eliminates you through his Army (Islamic Jihadists) without delay. Satan will not let you go free because, you have no use to him again. And since you will not be useful to the Quranic-Allah again, Quranic-Allah will not allow you to be the cause of him loosing those he want to populate the Hell with, (Q. Surah 16:93, 42:13). Remember Satan is working harder everyday to see that he gets those he will go to Hell with. Don’t also forget the Quranic-Allah is working with demons to populate Hell with people, if you run from Islam, is just like reducing the population that the Quranic-Allah had already gotten for Hell? Where do you want to run to? The Quranic-Allah/Satan will be at lost if because of you others also flee away from him. If you fear death and say, you will not leave Islam, you will continue to be under Satan’s slavery and bondage till you die and see yourself in Hell. Many Muslims in the World today are afraid of this killing, the Word of God (Mathew 10:28, Luke 12:4) says; “Do not be afraid of those that will only kill the body and have no power over your Soul. But be afraid of the one that has power to kill both the Body and the Soul in hell fire, who is God”. The Quranic-Allah is only using these Islamic Jihadist fighters to frighten the Christians not to preach the Gospel and frightens the Muslims who are ready to leave Islam today. If you allow him puts fear in you, you will die and definitely meet that Quranic-Allah to perish with him in Hell. Some people thought they will see Satan physically coming to stop the word of God from spreading around the World. They don’t know Satan uses people. They don’t know the plan they have for not allowing God’s people to build their worship centers (Churches) in their areas, is part of the Satan’s plan for people not to hear the word of God (Holy Bible). You can see how the Quranic-Allah is working with his agents on Earth to lead people astray, (Mathew 23:13-33). Today, in Islamic Countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the rest of them. Christians have no right to preach in public or build a Church even if they land is there. Churches that have already been built in these Countries, Islamic Jihadists have vowed to demolish them and kill the Christians. When these Countries are to speak on freedom of religion, what they will say in the media is not what is happening. Christians are deprived of freedom to practice their religion, these Muslim Countries are refusing to give the Christians “C of O” and permit to build Churches. The Government of these Countries States today does not want to even see Christians building something like a hall, they will send graders to go and demolish that hall. Muslims that are willing to leave Islam to accept Jesus Christ today, they have been deprived of freedom of choice of religion. Many Muslims are killed today because the denied Islam. You can see how the Quranic-Allah works with people to fulfill his wish of populating the Hell with men and jinn (Q. Surah 16:93), by preventing the word of God from reaching people so that they would die without getting the Salvation of God (Allah of the Bible) and go to Hell. In fact every Muslim you see, on one way or the other, directly or indirectly is a terror/Jihadist. He has that spirit of terrorism in him inherited from Ishmael through Prophet Mohammed. Every Muslim carries on his Jihad the way he can be able to do it. That is why you can see Muslims hating those that are not in their religion (Islam). That is why you can see Muslims’ religious and political leaders today stopped issuing “C of O” for Christians to build their worship centers in dominated Muslim areas. That is why you can see some of the Muslims like the Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Taliban, Boko-haram and the rest of them given their lives to die for Allah/Islam. The wealthy Muslims, you can see them giving their resources (e. g, Finances) for buying of weapons. The Muslims that cannot give their lives to fight or give their finances, their own is praying for these Islamic fighters to succeed. And after these Islamic Jihadists bomb Church and killed Christians, they show happiness, clapping hands saying that; “we must fight and kill these infidels”. All of these, they believed they receive a reward from their god. It is a curse on Islam which Muslims do not know because, they either don’t read the Bible or they read the Bible as reading News paper.
    Islam today don’t want to hear Christians saying; “Jesus the Son of God”. But it is the same Islam that believed, Jesus Christ is the Spirit of God sent to Mary, and she gave birth to Him in form of Human Being without having any sexual intercourse. Today, if a child is born without knowing the father, the same Islam will call that child a “Bastard-Son”. And Islam believed that, Jesus Christ is not a “Bastard-Son”. If Jesus Christ is not a “Bastard-Son” because He was from God in Heaven and had no biological father in the World, I believed He has a father because God must not have a wife before He can make to Himself a SON if He so wish. If God is not the father of Jesus Christ, are you the father? If God Himself in (Mathew 3:16-17, Mark 1:10-11 and Luke 3:22) will say Jesus Christ is His Son looking that Jesus Christ had no biological father on Earth, who are you to say Jesus Christ is not the Son of God? Are you an enemy of God? Must God take a wife before He can make to Himself a Son? Is Islam saying God has no power of making to Himself a Son without a wife? Do you think the fatherhood of God is that of flesh and blood like that of human beings? Do you think God is a man like you? Is Islam saying God has no power to do things on His own alone? No wonder Islam today is busy fighting to protect their Allah and his religion because, that their Quranic-Allah in the Ka’aba is a dead Allah who has no power to fight and protect himself and his religion without their assistance. My dear Pharisees, read what Jesus Christ teaches about God as our “Heavenly Father” in (Mathew 6:5-14, 23:9-10). So, God is the Heavenly Father to Jesus and everyone who believed in Him, (Mathew 5:9-10, John 1:10-13, Romans 8:13-14, Galatians 3:26, 1John 3:1).
    One day I heard an Islamic scholar preaching that, the Prophets of God like Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Noah and the rest, practiced Islam. After the preacher finished, somebody from the congregation asked the preacher and said; “Mallam/Sister, was there Islam before Prophet Mohammed?” The preacher answered that, “Yes there was Islam, but the way those prophets practiced their Islam, there is a little change the way we practice in Prophet Mohammed’s era”. I asked myself; Are these Prophets of God Arabs? Were there no false prophets (prophets of baal) at the time of these past Prophets of God? From which people do you think the Israelite learned how to worship idols at Egypt and after leaving Egypt? Is it not from the gentiles they mingle with? Who were the gentiles they mingle with in those days? Is there any World history that says God had ever interacted with a gentile (non Jew)? Why should the Quran be more specifically concern about the Jews and not Arabs or any other tribe? Does that mean Arabs and the other tribes in the time of those past Prophets of God were so faithful and did not sin and disobeyed God in their lives? When did Islam started that those Past Prophets of God got it and practiced? Why should the practice of Islam change during Prophet Mohammed? Which of the Quran those past Prophets of God used in their time? Why should the Old Testament Bible used by those past Prophets of God documented, but the Quran used by those Prophets completely disappeared on Earth for Allah to again send it from above to Prophet Mohammed? Do you know God (Allah of the Bible) had to arrest these people from Paganism (idolatry) before making them His ordained Prophets for noble work? Are those teachings of Injil and Taurat found in Quran which Prophet Mohammed claimed the Quranic-Allah sent to him from above not parts of the Holy Bible? Were these books not in existence before the Quran? (Q. Surah 21:7, 10:94, 3:71, 3:93, 4:47, 2:42, 29:46). Did Muslims even know how the Quran happened to become the Quran? Do Muslims know that the name “Quran” was named by Prophet Mohammed after the name of his tribe “Quraysh”, to mean a “Quraysh Arab book”?
    Whatever happened in the World, the history is there except people don’t want to say it out. Islam is really a pagan religion reformed and repackaged into monotheism. Islam is paganism in a monotheistic wrapping paper. The “paganism”, that which Prophet Mohammed renamed “Islam” was what Prophet Abraham practiced before God (Allah of the Bible) called him to be His Prophet. Mohammed only chose one of his Quraysh Ancestors’ god “Hubal” (Allah the Moon-god), from among 360 Arabs’ pagan gods, to be Arabs’ one monotheistic god. While the rest of the 359 idols were stationed by Prophet Mohammed at where Muslims today throw stones as “throwing Satan”. During Prophet Mohammed’s era, Prophet Mohammed did not order his followers to stone those idols meaning, they were stoning Satan. Prophet Mohammed ordered his followers to stone them because he did not want those idols and should not be joined with his approved idol-god (Hubal) in the Ka’aba. He wanted Arabs to worship one idol-god (Allah the moon-god) in the Ka’aba. As you can hear Islam saying; “only Allah (Allah the moon-god) should be worship in that Ka’aba. Mallam/Sister you need to ask yourself; why is it that Muslims like observing the moon? Is because, Muslims are idol worshipers of “Hubal” (Allah the Moon-god). The symbol of Islam today “Crescent Moon and Crescent Star” symbols are symbols gotten from the Quranic-Allah “Hubal” and his wife (Al-lat), who were carrying those symbols on their heads respectively before the monotheistic worship of Hubal (Allah the moon-god) by Prophet Mohammed.
    And the Quran was made out from the Holy Bible by Prophet Mohammed and some of his wise men of the then Mecca. Prophet Mohammed got to lay hand with the Holy Bible through a Jewish woman he married. He took this Holy Bible and some of the wise men in the city to the bush (on top of a Mountain) for Seven days, where they helped him manipulate what is in the Holy Bible to form the Quran. They copied the Holy Bible but changed things upside down. And areas that spoke bad against Ishmael, they did not record them. After that they added their traditional act they were following in worshipping the Quranic-Allah through that idol (Black Stone) in the Ka’aba. That was how the Quran came. That is why the Quran today contents the historical events that are in the Holy Bible but does not content the history that says, Ishmael was cursed by God. Instead of Isaac that the Holy Bible said he is the Child God had promised Abraham, Prophet Mohammed and his team of wise men turned it in the Quran to be Ishmael, just because Ishmael was their Ancestor. That is why you can hear Islam saying; “The Holy Bible was corrupted and Prophet Mohammed came and corrected it”. After the correction, why shouldn’t Prophet Mohammed continued with the Holy Bible but decided to make the Qur’an separate? Islam is the restoration of moon the worship Abraham gave up when he left the Ur of Chaldeans, (Genesis 11:28-31, 15:1-8, Nehemiah 9:7-8). Abraham left moon-god worship of Iraq for the one true God. His son Ishmael was cast out and went back through the desert to Arabia where he continued to worship the moon-god. The crescent moon on top of mosques, minarets and on flags of Islamic-Nations is a symbol that Ishmael went back to the very moon-god worship that his father Abraham abandoned. This clearly tells us, Muslims are pagans (Moon-god worshipers) through Ishmael and Prophet Mohammed.
    The history I read on this issue of forming the Quran revealed that; after they finished forming the Quran, Prophet Mohammed been an intelligent man strategically followed those wise men in the bush one by one and killed, and no one was able to return home. From there, Mohammed took the Quran back home and claimed that Quranic-Allah descended the Quran to him from above. Prophet Mohammed killed those wise men not knowing that some people in the town knew when he took them out, but for the wise men to return back was a different story. Killing of those wise men by Prophet Mohammed and destroying Allah’s wife and her daughters (Al-lat, Al-Uzza and Manat respectively) with the other Arabs’ idols in the Ka’aba leaving that of his Quraysh Ancestors made some of the Arabs refused to accept Prophet Mohammed’s revelation he said he received. The refusal of these Arabs to accept Mohammed and his new religion “Islam” prompted Prophet Mohammed to adopt what he called “Jihad, the holy war”.
    From the history I read, I made to understand that, the main reason of Prophet Mohammed’s jihad was;
    1. To disassociate Arabs from the Jews, because of the hatred existing between them.
    2. To unite Arabs that were worshiping 360 idols in the Ka’aba, under one umbrella to fight the Jews they considered as enemy right from Prophet Abraham’s house.
    3. To destroy the Holy Bible because of what he heard concerning Ishmaelite in the Holy Bible.
    4. To fight Christians who believed in God and the Holy Bible that spoke what to him considered as an insult to Arabs.
    5. To obey the instructions of that Quranic-Allah who appeared to him and made him his Prophet.
    Truly Prophet Mohammed received a revelation, but from who did Prophet Mohammed received his revelation? Any spirit of revelation that is against Jesus Christ and his followers, that spirit and revelation, are not from God (Allah of the Holy Bible), read 1John 4:1-5. The revelation of Prophet Mohammed was from the Quranic-Allah and not from God (Allah of the Holy Bible). God (Allah of the Holy Bible) had never interacted with an Arab, and will never interact with an Arab. The issue of sending the Quran to him by the Quranic-Allah from above is lie. The Ka’aba that Islam is saying Prophet Abraham built is also not true. Ishmael and his descendants were worshiping the Quranic-Allah without that Ka’aba building. That Black Stone of the Ka’aba is the Idol Arabs called the Quranic-Allah, and in the year 410-435AD “Asa’d Abu Karb” rebuilt the Ka’aba. And when Prophet Mohammed came, he renovated that Ka’aba, and since then no one added anything on what Prophet Mohammed did. That idol (Black Stone) in the Ka’aba you see, it had once broken into pieces due to war. But because of its importance for ancestral worship, goal was used to patched it back to it’s normal position.
    Mallam/Sister, the Quranic-Allah was interacting with the Arabs for a very long time through idols. History revealed that, in the pre-Islamic era before the birth of Prophet Mohammed Arabs were idol worshippers of 360 idols in the Ka’aba. If it was during Prophet Mohammed the Quranic-Allah brought his religion to the World, it means Prophet Mohammed’s grandfather and father (Abdul-Muttallab and Abd-allah) respectively died as traditional worshippers without the knowledge of the Quranic-Allah and Islam. If Islam today will say these Prophet Mohammed’s parents died in worshipping the Quranic-Allah, then that “Quranic-Allah” is truly Satan whom they worshiped him through their ancestral idol in that Ka’aba. Is Islam a traditional religion that had been modernized? If no! Why should these two Prophet Mohammed’s parents who died even before that Quranic-Allah revealed himself to their Son, worked and took care of the Ka’aba for the Quranic-Allah? Are you sure Satan is not using that pagan Arabs’ idol (Black Stone) in the Ka’aba for you to worship him through it? That was why I said from the beginning that; It is either the Christians have captured the name “Allah” in their Bible ignorantly thinking it is God’s name or, Satan might have claimed God’s name “Allah” and appeared to Prophet Mohammed as an Angel. Why must you face a particular place before you worship? Where does God not exist in the World? Are you sure it is not that image of the beast (Black Stone) you are facing in the Ka’aba for worship? The Holy Bible calls that Black Stone of the Ka’aba “Image of the Beast”, the dark swells bump mark on your forehead “Mark of the Beast”. And the 666 number Islam is proud of as their Allah’s number in the Qu’ran, the Holy Bible says, it is the number of the beast” (Revelation 6:9-11, 13:11-18). You cannot say you are worshiping God/Yahweh (Allah of the Holy Bible) and still be facing that image of the beast in the Ka’aba for worship. That Ka’aba you are seeing is a modernized and acceptable Shrine for the World rituals. All demonic powers and charms Islam uses today are from that Ka’aba. It is from that Ka’aba witches and Wizards also derive their powers by calling the Ka’aba and reciting verses from the Qur’an today. From the messages in the two Books (Holy Bible and the Quran), we don’t need to be told that the Quranic-Allah, is not the God (Allah of the Holy Bible).
    Both God (Allah of the Bible) and the Quranic-Allah are in Heaven but in two different places which are, “Paradise” and “Hades” respectively. God (Allah of the Bible) today uses the Holy Spirit to communicate with his followers (Christians). While the Quranic-Allah uses jinn to communicate with his followers (Muslims), and also works with the Demons in Hell. The Quranic-Allah can only tell you, he is in Heaven but he cannot tell you precisely where he is in Heaven. But through these verses of the Quran (Surah 19:68-72, 42:13, 46: 31, 72:1-9, Surah 16:93, Al-Ahqaf 29-32 and Jinn 14 and the kind of duty the Quranic-Allah gave his followers on Earth, you don’t need to be told the Quranic-Allah is Satan in Hades waiting for his followers. God sent Jesus Christ to the World to die and shed blood as the Living and final Sacrifice to redeem mankind (Mathew 20:28, John 1:29), but you Muslims today refused that and still sacrificing animals for cleansing of sin. See what God (Allah of the Bible) is saying in (1Corinthians 10:19-21). The sacrifices Muslims are offering today are to demons not to God. As Muslims worship Satan (the Quranic-Allah) who works with demons to populate the Hell with men and jinn, so shall the Muslims continue to offer animal sacrifices to those Satan’s demons.
    Prophet Mohammed a Son of well known idol worshipers had promoted his ancestral idol worshiping by making himself the prophet of that traditional religion and today Muslims are saying he is the sealed of Prophets. Remember, Prophet Mohammed’s grandfather and father who were known as idol worshipers worked and took care of that Ka’aba in the name of that Quranic-Allah and died before the rising of their son to succeed them as the Prophet. Why should Muslims today say Prophet Mohammed destroyed the idols that were there in the Ka’aba and sanctified the Ka’aba for the Quranic-Allah? Which Allah did Prophet Mohammed’s parents worshiped using that Ka’aba, and which Allah did Prophet Mohammed came and sanctified the Ka’aba for him? Should Muslims say Prophet Mohammed’s grandfather (Abdul-Mutallab) did not worship Allah? Where did Prophet Mohammed’s grandfather gotten “Abd-allah” for his son (Prophet Mohammed’s father), wishing his son Abd-allah to grow and work for Allah in the Ka’aba? That was why I said from the beginning; Christians generally might have been using the name “Allah” ignorantly or, Satan might have hidden himself under the name of God (Allah of the Bible) and appeared to Mohammed and made him his ordained Prophet on Earth.
    Mallam/Sister, God’s curse on you through Ishmael “Wild Donkey of a Man” is still in you directly or indirectly as a Muslim, but that does not mean it will remain in you permanently. You can decide to let it go out of you, by looking for God and accept Him through Jesus Christ. If not, you will keep on attacking people in their homes and worship places or, buying weapons and supporting the Jihadists, thinking you are doing a service to God (John 16:1-4), not knowing it is the Quranic-Allah you are doing that to him. The word of God (John 14:6) says; “Jesus is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one goes to the Father (God) except through him (Jesus)”. Jesus Christ is also the Resurrection and Life, at the resurrection and Judgment day, (John 11:25-26, 12:47-50, Q. Surah 43:61, 3:45, 3:49, 5:113, 22:73). The Word of God still said; “At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, of those in Heaven, and of those on Earth, and of those under the Earth”, (Philippians 2:10-11, Q. Surah 21:91, 19:2). May God open your spiritual eyes to see Him and accept Him through His Son “Jesus Christ”. The Lord God loves you and everyone on Earth not to perish in Hell, but to have Eternal Life through Christ Jesus, (John 3:14-16).
    Andrew James.


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