Hijra Foundation – Welcome

Hijra Foundation is a non-governmental organisation registered in Nigeria to promote educational and total human development.

Hijra Foundation, since inception in 2003, has been involved invarious human development projects in fulfillment for its objectives, mission and vision. Among these projects are: proposed Unity University , Hijra Farms, Hijra Press.

The representatives of Islamic Organisations, Muslim professionals, Professors, Politicians, and Businessmen in conjunction with Islamic Reflection Group (IRG) organised two seminars in April and September 2002 to rub minds on the state of affairs of Muslims in the area of Education. It was resolved that Muslims in Nigeria should establish a private University which shall strengthen the brotherhood of Islam in Nigeria and provide qualitative education for our teeming population.
It was resolved that the University shall be known and called HIJRA UNIVERSITY which has a significant meaning in evolution of a change through acquisition and impacting knowledge for a universal humanity development in building a peaceful society.

The seminars also proposed the registration of limited liability Company and a Foundation that will be the co-promoters of the proposed University.

Hence, the formation of the Hijra Educational Services Limited (HESL) and Hijra Foundation for Islamic Education (HFIE).

This piece is taken from the website of the Hijra Foundation.

See on-line at: http://hijrafoundation.com/index.html


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