Tanzanian Muslim Council of America (TAMCO) – Leadership

The following are the leaders of TAMCO:

i. The President: Brother Iddi Sandaly
ii. The vice President: Brother Mganga Muhombolage

iii. The Secretary General: Brother Yusuph Yusuph
iv. The Deputy Secretary General: Brother Khalfan Mohamed

v. The Treasurer: Sister Fatima Yasin
vi. The Assistant Treasurer: Brother Ahmed Diwani

vii. Three other ordinary members:
– Siter Mariam Mashaka
– Bother Abdalla Ally
– Brother Yacob Kinyemi

 This piece is taken from the website of the Tanzanian Muslim Council of America (TAMCO).

See on-line at: http://www.tamcousa.org/leadership.html


One thought on “Tanzanian Muslim Council of America (TAMCO) – Leadership

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    With kind regards


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