Tanzanian Muslim Council of America (TAMCO) – Constitution

Revised 2008


We the undersigned individuals listed in this revised constitution have voluntarily and resolutely decided to re-establish Tanzanian Muslim Council, an organization through which the Tanzanian Muslim Community will unite to observe Islamic guidance and living and further the aims and objectives mentioned in this constitution.


i. The name of the association shall be “ Tanzanian Muslim Council” in short “TAMCO”
ii. TAMCO will have a virtual Head Office described as http://www.tamcousa.org
iii. For purposes of registration the address of TAMCO shall be at

Tanzanian Muslim Council
c/o Mr. Mganga Muhombolage
1801 Mt. Pisgah Lane, Apt. 31
Silver Spring, MD 20903
United States of America
E-mail: uongozi@tamcousa.org OR Tamcotuwasiliane-owner@yahoogroups.com

Or such other address as the Executive Committee shall from time to time designate
iv. The area of operation of TAMCO is within the states of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Washington.


The official languages of TAMCO shall be English and Kiswahili


TAMCO is a non –profit, non-governmental and non-partisan community organization, which started its activities in February 1998. The organization strives to fulfill its objectives to the best interest of its members and the community at large.


To unite the Tanzanian Muslim Community and any other Muslims willing to join them in the spirit of Islam and to encourage them to live in an Islamic way.


i. To provide a platform for learning and acquiring Islamic knowledge and education.
ii. To provide a forum of discussion and exchange of Islamic knowledge and any other matters related to Islamic rites and rituals.
iii. To promote Islamic guidance and best religious practices to its members.
iv. To establish and develop any other subsidiary bodies desirable for the advancement of the goals, objectives and the mission of TAMCO
v. To affiliate and assistant with any other organization to be found in any part of the world having objectives similar, in whole or in part, to those of this association, such that the affiliation is beneficial to this association
vi. To promote the welfare of the association


There shall be two categories of membership to TAMCO; namely – regular members and honorary members

7.1.1 Regular Members
There shall be regular members who shall include:
i. Any Muslim person aged eighteen or above, originally from Tanzania and currently living in the states of Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia
ii. Any other Muslim person as TAMCO may specifically exempt from the requirement of 7.1.1 (i) above

7.1.2 Honorary Members
i. Individual(s) or organization(s) as shall be nominated by the Executive Committee to be honorary member(s) based on criteria to be determined by the Executive Committee of TAMCO.
ii. Each member organization shall be represented by one person and have one vote at the General meeting.
iii. The individual honorary members shall not be entitled to vote on association matters

7.2 Members Eligibility

i. All members shall be of a Muslim faith who have attained the age of eighteen and originally from Tanzania residing in or visiting the states of Maryland, Virginia and/or the District of Columbia.
ii. All those persons of Muslim faith who have attained the age of eighteen not necessarily originating from Tanzania but are desirous and express willingness to join the association and are either residing in or are visiting the states of Maryland, Virginia and/or the District of Columbia.
iii. All family members and guests of members.

7.3 Rights of Members

i. Every member shall obtain fair, equal and appropriate treatment.
ii. Every member shall have the right to attend and participate in meetings individually or in representative capacities for group members.
iii. Every member shall be entitled to one vote for each subject matter in a discussion requiring to be voted for.
iv. Every member shall have the right to run for any one elective office (regular members only).
v. Every member shall have the right to access information and exchange the same with others.

7.4 Obligations of members

i. To uphold and respect the constitution of TAMCO and any other instruments deriving there from.
ii. To deliberate always on the development of TAMCO and promote its objectives.
iii. To pay willingly and voluntarily donations from time to time to cover running and events expenses when required or at any other times when a member feels fit to do so.
iv. To maintain harmonious relationship with others
v. To share information with others
vi. To practice voluntarism and willingness to take up roles and responsibilities.

7.5 Cessation of Membership

i. Just like it is free to join the association/council any member is free to walk away from the membership at any time.
ii. At any time the Executive Committee shall have the right to decide to discontinue any member’s membership as a result of breaching the rules contained in this constitution.
iii. When a member relocates without the jurisdiction of the states of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

7.6 Consequences of Cessation of Membership.

i. There shall be no refunds whatsoever in the event of cessation of membership.
ii. The former member shall dispose of or transfer any TAMCO’s properties in his or her possession.
iii. Where a member is dissatisfied with her or his termination from TAMCO she/he may submit an appeal to a general meeting which may uphold or overturn the decision of the Executive Committee. The decision of the General meeting shall be final. Members of the Executive Committee may not conduct the deliberations over the appeal and shall not be allowed to vote on the matter in the General Meeting. However the Executive Committee shall be entitled to explain and defend their decision to to terminate the membership of the appellant.


8.1 There shall be an Executive Committee, which shall be the highest executive organ of TAMCO. Its members shall hold office for a term not exceeding two years. No office bearer shall hold the same position for more than two consecutive terms. The following shall constitute the Executive Committee:

i. The President
ii. The vice President
iii. The Secretary General
iv. The Deputy Secretary General
v. The Treasurer
vi. The Assistant Treasurer
vii. Three other ordinary members elected into the Executive Committee as Members of the
Executive Committee.

8.2 The President:
i. There shall be a President of TAMCO, who shall be elected by a General Meeting from the members of the association.
ii. The President shall be the spokesman and office bearer and responsible for all undertakings of TAMCO.
iii. The President shall be the chair of all meetings of TAMCO and its Executive Committee.
iv. If the President shall be absent for any reason, the Vice President shall immediately become the President during all the time of the President’s absence.
v. In addition to his vote, the President shall have a casting vote.

8.3 Vice President:

i. The Vice President shall assist the President
ii. The Vice shall become the President during the President’s absence.
iii. The Vice President shall be elected by the General Meeting from amongst the members.

8.4 Secretary General

i. There shall be a Secretary General of TAMCO, who shall be elected by a General Meeting from amongst the members.
ii. The Secretary General shall be a secretary both to all the General Meetings and the Executive Committee Meetings and maintain all records and documents of TAMCO.
iii. The Secretary General shall collaborate with the Treasurer to prepare the annual budget for the proceeding year and present the same to the General meeting for approval after primarily being approved by the Executive Committee.
iv. The Secretary General shall present the annual audited statement of accounts and the annual progress report of TAMCO to the Executive Committee for onward transit to the General Meeting for final approval.
v. The Secretary General shall be answerable to the Executive Committee.

8.5 The Deputy Secretary General:

i. The Deputy Secretary General shall be elected by the General Meeting from amongst the members.
ii. The Deputy Secretary General shall assist the General Secretary
iii. In the absence of the Secretary General the Deputy Secretary General becomes the Secretary General.

8.6 Treasurer

i. There shall be a Treasurer of TAMCO who shall be appointed to the office by the Executive Committee according to the virtue of his or her qualifications and he or she shall be answerable to that Executive Committee.
ii. The Treasurer shall be the head of finance and accounting and shall maintain all financial records and documents including loans/credits documents within or outside TAMCO.
iii. The Treasurer shall collaborate with the Secretary General to prepare the annual budget for the proceeding year.
iv. The Treasurer shall submit the annual budget and the audited financial statements to the Executive Committee for onward transmission to the General Meeting for final approval.
v. The Treasurer shall prepare financial books of accounts for auditing purposes.

8.7 Ordinary Members of the Committee:

i. There shall be three extra members elected by the General Meeting into the Executive Committee as extra ordinary members from amongst the members.
ii. These extra ordinary members of the Executive Committee will oversee day to day duties of the office bearers at their pleasure for and on behalf of the members.


9.1 Types of Meetings:
i. Annual General Meeting.
ii. Special or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting.
iii. Executive Committee Meetings.
iv. Other Designated Committee Meetings.

9.2. Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Annual General Meeting shall be the ultimate authority of TAMCO to which all organs of TAMCO shall be answerable.

i. The AGM shall be convened by electronic and/or postal mail following the guidelines below, in such a manner as to provide adequate time to members to attend and participate in the discussions ensuing thereat.
ii. The AGM shall be held as close as practicable to the end of TAMCO’s fiscal year.
iii. Notice in writing of such Annual General Meeting, accompanied by the annual statement of account from the Treasurer, the President’s annual report and the agenda for the meeting shall be sent to all members not less than two weeks before the day of the meeting.

9.2.1 Function of the General Meeting:

i. To ensure that the aims of TAMCO are pursued and that optimum resources are mobilized for the attainment thereof.
ii. To discuss any matter concerning or arising from TAMCO including its various organs at all levels.
iii. To initiate such activities including stipulating goals, strategies and plan for affecting them as would promote or enhance the general aims and objectives of the organization.
iv. To provide general coordination, supervision and support to all organs and all the legitimate activities of the organs of TAMCO.
v. To give directives of a general nature in furtherance of the aims and objectives of TAMCO.
vi. To receive, deliberate upon reports and make a resolution on quarterly and annual reports of the Executive, Committee concerning the TAMCO activities which shall include audited and annual statements of accounts.
vii. To receive and deliberate upon reports and recommendations of the Executive Committee and other organs and make necessary decision and or resolutions as shall be deemed appropriate.
viii. During the election year to elect the office bearers as stipulated by this constitution.
ix. A special General Meeting may be called at any time for any specific purpose by the Executive Committee. Appropriate notice in writing of such meeting shall be sent to all members no less than fourteen days before the date thereof, by electronics or by post, and where practical by press advertisement and/or phone call and/or text message or such other means of communication as may be deemed to be convenient
x. A Special General Meeting may also be requested for a specific purpose by order in writing to the Secretary of not less than twelve egular members; and such meeting shall be held within twenty-one days of the date of that receipt of the notice by the Secretary. The notice of such meeting shall be as shown in Article 9.2.1 (ix) and no matter shall be discussed other than that stated in the requisition.
xi. Quorum for General Meeting shall be Half plus one (50% +1) of the registered voting members of TAMCO. Only members in good standing may vote. A tally of the participating members shall be taken at the end of the discussion period by the Secretary and be reported to the general membership before any vote is taken on an issue. In the absence of a quoram the Annual General Meeting will be postponed for a further twenty-one days and the number of additional members present for the extended discussion plus those who previously contributed to the first call of the meeting shall constitute a quorum.

9.3 Executive Committee:

i. the Executive Committee shall sit at least once every three months, but if and when the need arises, a special Executive Committee meeting shall be convened. The motion to call such special Executive Committee meeting may be presented by any committee member in writing to the President. The President shall consult the Secretary and the two may decide whether or not to convene the special Executive Committee meeting.
ii. The Executive Committee shall have power to employ and dismiss workers in all projects of TAMCO
iii. The Executive Committee shall formulate functional committees from the regular members of TAMCO. All functional committees shall be answerable to the Executive Committee and each functional committee shall have its own leadershipb which shall be chaired by one of the Executive Committee members the functional committees shall include, but not limited to the following:-

a. Financial, Planning and Management committee.
b. Eid-el-Fitr and Eid-el-Adha Baraza committee.
c. Hitma, Funerals and Burial committee.
d. Marriages, Maulid and Births committee.
e. Women Empowerment committee.
f. Qur’aan Reciting, Prayers, Fasting and Breakfasting Committee.

9.4 General functions ot the Executive Committee.

i. To be responsible to the General Meeting for all matters of cooperation, supervision, promotion and enhancement of the activities of TAMCO and to report to the General Meeting accordingly.
ii. To ensure that decisions, resolutions and directives of the General Meetings are implemented and executed by responsible organs of TAMCO at all levels.
iii. To receive and deliberate upon quarterly and annual reports of TAMCO which shall include audited annual statement of accounts for the organization and to approve or reject them.
iv. To carry out any other duties or functions as provided in this constitution and as shall be directed from time to time by the General Meeting.
v. At all meetings the President shall chair or in his or her absence the Vice-President or in the absence of these officers, a member selected by the meeting shall preside.
vi. Any decisions and or resolutions at the meetings, except election of office bearers shall be decided by open ballot. In case of equality of votes, the President shall have a second or casting vote. However, should need arise, a majority of members at the meeting can vote to authorize a resolution or a determination of a given issue by secret ballot.
vii. Provided that authenticity can be verified, bona fide regular members of TAMCO, not present at the General Meeting can participate in the electoral process. They may vote for office bearers and resolutions on the agenda by suitable means such as electronic mail and/or original ballot. Such ballot/mail must reach a designated returning officer not later than one day before the General Meeting and will be made part of the voting and/or resolution passimg process but will not be made public prior to the commencement of these processes. Like any other ballot in the election process, these ballot/mail “votes” will be open to verification during the voting/resolution passing exercise.


i. Nomination forms shall be sent to all members four weeks before the Annual General Meeting along with the list of all members.
ii.Nominations for the Executive Committee membership and all office bearers shall be made to the Secretary two weeks before the General Meetings.
iv. Nomination for a position must be proposed by at least one member (including self nomination) and seconded by at least two other members and shall be made on the proper nomination forms. No nomination forms other than the organization’s original forms shall be acceptable for nomination.
v. In the absence of nomination for officers, nominations may be taken on the floor at Annual General Meeting. Candidates shall be proposed and seconded accordingly.
vi. All candidates for election must be members of TAMCO.

10.1 Election Procedures.

i. Elections will be conducted and supervised by a person or persons appointed by the outgoing Executive Committee, provided where there is an objection to such person(s), another person will be proposed until one satisfactory to all candidates for elective office is nominated. In the event of deadlock the outgoing President’s casting vote will be the final decision.

10.2 Election Results and Appeal Procedures:

i. Any person aggrieved by the conduct and/or results of any elections may petition to the outgoing Executive Committee for relief. Such relief may include an order for re-run of the election, exclusion of a person from running for office, a declaration reversing the results, etc. the decision of the outgoing Executive Committee shall be final.


11.1 Sources of Income:

The sources of income to this organization shall be derived from all or any of the following:
i. Loans, aids, grants from donors, government and other non-governmental organizations, local or international.
ii. Internal income generating activities (yard sells, auctions etc.) and members donations.

11.2 Financial Management:

i. Proper books of accounts shall be kept.
ii. All accounts shall be audited by qualified external auditors and the audited statements shall be presented to the Executive Committee and thereafter be read at the General Meeting for final approval
iii. TAMCO shall open and operate Bank Account(s) and three shall be four signatories, viz. President, Secretary General, Treasurer and one extra ordinary member of the Executive Committee. All financial transactions shall be authorized by the President and/or Secretary General. Two signatures shall withdraw money from the Bank.
iv. The Financial year shall commence on the 2nd day of January and end on the 31st day of December each year.


Any resolution or decision at any meeting shall be valid if more than half of the members attending that meeting shall positively vote for the same.


This constitution may be amended wholly or partially if ¾ (75%) of the total membership shall vote for such amendment. A Special General Meeting shall be convened for that matter.


i. The association may be dissolved if at least 90% of the total membership shall vote for such dissolution at an Extra-ordinary General Meeting convened just for that purpose.
ii. On such event of dissolution, all assets and liabilities available at the day of event shall be determined.
iii. Assets may be disposed by way of sale and the proceeds used to settle liabilities while the surplus if any will be disbursed to charitable organizations.
iv. Unused funds obtained from any donor shall be disbursed to the said donor.

This piece is taken from the website of the Tanzanian Muslim Council of America (TAMCO).

See on-line at: http://www.tamcousa.org/constitution.html


6 thoughts on “Tanzanian Muslim Council of America (TAMCO) – Constitution

  1. yusuf

    Asalaam aleykum

    ni katba nzuri kwakweli, allah atuongoze sote katika kupeleka mbele uislam. inshaallah

    dar es salaam

  2. ayub msengi

    may i know more about tamco contribution 2 the tanzanian muslim organization mainly in secondary schools and if so how can we be connected with u 2 function together with the aim of building the strong islamic religion please refer my email



  4. Mbaraka Sultan Semwaza of Bagamoyo, Tanzania

    You Young Muslims, Is a good unity. Keep it up. Allah will pay you the best, Inshallah.


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