Tanzanian Muslim Council of America (TAMCO) – About Us


On February 8th 1998 the idea of bringing the Tanzanian muslim community together was brought to our notice for purposes of:

(a) Worshiping Allah Subhana Wataala as is required of us on a daily basis.
(b) Learning and acquiring more knowledge about our religion,
(c) Observing and correctly performing prayers, burial rituals etc. etc.
(d) Encouraging one another to firmly adhere to the traditions of our religion
(e) Jointly teaching our children the Qur’aan and training them to be good Moslems .

This was done after it was realized that many of us were indulging in ways we thought to be relatively incompatible with the teachings of Islam and the traditions of our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW.

Fortunately, many within our community received this idea positively. A meeting was held and a committee to draft the constitution of the council was selected on the same day the people accepted this idea.

Two weeks there after, a following meeting was organized and called where the draft constitution was discussed, presented and passed. Thereafter the council was officially registered within the state of Maryland in these the United States of America.

The council is a not for profit organization, nongovernmental organization and not a political entity. Its management and administration is entirely voluntary depending on the effort and good will of its members.

The coffers of the council depend on the financial contributions from its members and donations from private individual well wishers. To them we are always grateful and pray for their rewards from Allah.

Ever since the council has conducted religious classes for the members and their families, assisted in religious funeral undertakings, organized religious festivals, encouraged joint break fasting and congregational prayers during the holy month of Ramadhan. Additionally, the council has been responsible for organizing Idd Baraza and celebrations during both Idd-el-Fitr and Idd-el-Adha.

Generally, the council has succeeded in bringing us together and keeping us in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Depending on the projections and the vision of the current leadership and the uncompromising support of its entire membership the council may consider to
organize fundraising for the construction of a masjid with a day care facility in the near future.

Alhaj Yusuf M. Kalala,
First President, 1998 –2002.

This piece is taken from the website of the Tanzanian Muslim Council of America (TAMCO).

See on-line at: http://www.tamcousa.org/about.html


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