Islamic University in Uganda – IUIU Staff Wins African ICT Award

Emmanuel Jude Mpiangu, a former student of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), has won a continental ICT award. Mpiangu merged the 2009 Top Young ICT Innovator in Africa at the 11th Annual Achievers Award. He took on 15 nominees during the interviews and came out among the best three finalists for the prestigious award announced early December 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mpiangu’s E-voting System saw him defeat South Africa’s Berlina Pale’s Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) system and Nigeria’s Malikyanye Mabena’s Innovative Solution to Operators in Telecom. This year’s contest was organised by the South African Department of Communications and ForgeAhead under the theme ‘Making the African Century a Reality.’

“I am grateful for the support of the Islamic University in Uganda, which enabled me to attend the final contest in South Africa where I merged the winner in the Young ICT Innovator’s category,” Mpiangu said at the ceremony organised to celebrate his victory on December 18.

The E-voting system that was used in the 2009/10 Guild Elections at IUIU campuses won Mpiangu the Rector’s Award early 2009. Mpiangu is a teaching assistant of Programming and Databases at the university. He successfully initiated various systems widely used at the university and the country at large.

The faculty students’ management system, the warden students system and the coordinator’s system which he created are currently used at the university. His demand note distribution system is used by Mbale Municipal Council and his Accounts Micro Finance system is used by the non-governmental organisation NURUDOFE in Kumi District.

The university has tabled the E-voting System to the Government of Uganda for patent rights registration as a product of IUIU and Mpiangu, before the system can be taken on nationally and internationally.

“During the recent meeting with the deans of students from various universities in the country, I presented the idea of implementing the E-voting System on the national level and it was received with high expectations,” said Abbas Samali, the University Coordinator.

The University Rector, Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Ssengendo, said the university had allocated funds to support innovative students and members of staff in bettering their innovations.

Dr. Sarah Nachuha, the Dean Faculty of Science, called on the staff to search for more innovative students irrespective of the profession one pursued and give them necessary support.

This piece is taken from the website of the Islamic University in Uganda.

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