Masjids – Northern Cape

City/Town/Suburb Musjid/Musallah Physical Address GPS Coordinates Tel
Barkly West Barkly West Masjid Long Street S28 32.333 E24 31.029  
Kimberley Jamiatul Masjid 51 Barkly Road S28 43.957 E24 45.240 053 832 9803
Kimberley Masjid al-Imma 9 Hutton St, Homestead    
Kimberley Moghul Park Masjid Transvaal Rd S28 43.150 E24 46.461  
Kimberley Homestead Masjid 48 Otto Street, Homestead S28 42.385 E24 44.558  
Kimberley CTM Jamaat Khana 27 Lawrence Rd S28 43.797 E24 45.988  
Kimberley Pniel Rd Masjid   S28 43.419 E24 45.299  
Kimberley Baeconsfield Masjid Austen Str & Broadway Place S28 45.645 E24 46.829  
Kimberley, Colville Colville Musalla & Madrasah 21 Saint Peters Str S28 42.931 E24 45.704  
Kimberley, Diamant Park Masjidul Anwaar cnr Auction & St. Augustines S28 44.259 E24 44.698  
Kimberley, Galeshewe Seochoareng Jamaat Khana   S28 42.576 E24 43.674  
Kimberley, Galeshewe Nxumala Street Jamaat Khana   S28 43.528 E24 44.172  
Kimberley, Homevale Homevale Jamaat Khana 7 24th Street S28 41.785 E24 43.825  
Kimberley, Roodepan Roodepan Masjid 13 Santolina St S28 39.627 E24 42.679  
Kuruman Kuruman Masjid   S27 27.096 E23 27.534  
Warrenton Warrenton Masjid Warren Crescent S28 07.191 E24 50.626 053-4973231

 This piece is taken from the website of the South African Muslims 2010.

See on-line at:


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