Masjids – North West

City/Town/Suburb Musjid/Musallah Physical Address GPS Coordinates Tel
Bloemhof Bloemhof Masjid Masjid St, Salaamat S27 38.580 E25 35.683  
Brits Brits Masjid 47 Central St, Primindia S25 38.549 E27 46.860  
Brits Maboloka Masjid Maboloka Township (Near Jealous Garage)    
Christiana Christiana Jamaat Khana Behind BB Bazaar, Pretorius St S27 54.795 E25 10.046  
Coligny Coligny Masjid Voortrekker St S26 19.853 E26 19.143  
Derby Derby Jamaat Khana Jameson Rd S25 54.696 E27 02.714  
Groot-Marico Groot-Marico Jamaat Khana Kruger St S25 35.796 E26 25.215  
Klerksdorp Klerksdorp Town Masjid 30 Bishop Desmond Tutu St S26 51.945 E26 39.674 083-2876415
Klerksdorp Klerksdorp Park Masjid Jassat St, Manzil Park S26 51.955 E26 35.487 082-9508786
Koster Koster Masjid 16 Bohemia St, Cedrela Township S25 51.723 E26 53.582  
Koster Mosque   S25 51.983 E26 53.089  
Lichtenburg Lichtenburg Town Masjid Long St S26 08.927 E26 09.485  
Lichtenburg Masjid Ibn Abbas Crescent Ave S26 10.001 E26 09.036 082-2532654
Mabopane Mabopane Islamic Centre 534 D Section Mabopane   083-5097571
Mmabatho Danville Masjid Loop St, Danville S25 52.446 E25 39.170  
Mmabatho Makikeng Masjid Mosque Lane, Mafikeng S25 52.306 E25 38.908  
Ottosdal Ottosdal Jamaat Khana Main Rd S26 48.705 E26 00.217  
Potchefstroom Masjid Ansar-ul-Islam Suliman St, Mohadin S26 42.984 E27 01.950  
Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Town Masjid Auto Lane S26 42.820 E27 05.757  
Rustenburg Rustenburg Plaza Masjid Mosque Plaza, Between Loop & Berg Streets S25 40.023 E27 14.585  
Rustenburg Ziniaville Masjid Cnr Carlene & Sonneblom St, Ziniaville S25 38.861 E27 14.431  
Schweizer – Reneke Masjid Minar-ul-Islam Jakaranda Ave, Roshinville S27 11.224 E25 19.646  
Swartruggens Swartruggens Masjid Umber St, Redonia S25 38.984 E26 41.466  
Swartruggens Swartruggens Masjid Cnr Yasmin & Ghulab St S25 38.261 E26 41.006 014-544051
Taung Taung Jamaat Khana off N18 S27 33.969 E24 44.614  
Ventersdorp Ventersdorp Masjid Klapper St, Moosa Park S26 20.055 E26 50.806  
Vryburg Kismet Park Masjid Dale St, Kismet Park S26 56.588 E24 43.902  
Wolmaranstad Wolmaranstad Jamaat Khana Noorpaak Shopping Complex, Geyer St Ext S27 12.991 E25 59.010  
Zeerust Zeerust Masjid (Madrasah Islamia?) Sarel Cilliers St S25 32.662 E26 04.450  

 This piece is taken from the website of the South African Muslims 2010.

See on-line at:


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