Masjid-ul-Mumineen – About Us

Our community, the Nigerian Muslim Association of Greater Houston (NMA), otherwise referred to as Masjid—ul—Mumineen has been in existence for over two decades. Its origin stemmed from some Nigerians that came to the United States for their college and graduate school programs and decided to stay back in Houston to build careers, develop businesses and raise families after successfully completing their studies. The need for networking, socialization, cultural development and religious fellowship inevitably led to the establishment of the NMA..

The mission of this organization is to build a virile community, and its vision is to promote excellence among the current and future members within the Houston metropolis in particular and USA in general.

This organization started with less than 1000 members some twenty years ago and our population has amazingly increased over the years to about 45,000, including new members from Nigeria who have found a home in Houston. It is worth noting that 70% of our members are United States citizens and we expect this percentage to increase as our young and growing adults that constitute a high percentage of our population transition into family lives after their college education.

There are lots of similarities between the weather conditions in Texas and Nigeria and this factor together with the diverse opportunities that exist in Houston have brought more Nigerian immigrants to Houston than to any other city in the US in recent years. The “US Diversity Visa Lottery Program” designed to benefit educated and qualified professionals has brought about 10,000 Nigerian immigrants to the US each year and Houston has been most sought after by these immigrants from Nigeria. It is also remarkable to know that we continue to see Nigerians relocating from other states in the US to Houston to seek career opportunities and raise families. Nigerians also constitute a significant percentage of international students in various universities and colleges in Houston. Evidently, it is a mixture of accomplishment, responsibility, and challenge for our community to successfully manage this increasing population

Nigeria is known to be one of the world largest oil and gas producers; and Nigeria has thus been blessed with highly qualified professionals specializing in various fields in the Oil and Gas (“O&G”) industry. Houston being the world headquarters of O&G industry has thus attracted a significant number of Nigerians who work for multinational O&G companies (Shell, ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, etc.). Among these people are Nigerian expatriates on cross-posting assignments from Nigeria who work for a period of four to five years prior to repatriating back home. Our community has been a good resource for the transitioning of these expatriates and their families into Houston and the US in general.

Our community is blessed with professionals in different disciplines of human endeavors including medical and health sciences, engineering, law, accounting, academics, sports, law enforcement, public service and others. Leveraging our academic, educational background and enterprise as a group, a significant number of our members have developed their businesses and built clientele. Our entrepreneurs are employers of labor and credible taxpayers. Our members are active members of various professional groups within the Houston metropolis.

This piece is taken from the website of Masjid-ul-Mumineen.

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