Zamzam Islamic Centre – About Zamzam Islamic Centre

ZamZam Islamic Centre was founded in 1996 and its seat is situated at Ail Doré St., Port-Louis, Mauritius. The President of the organization is Brother Aboo Bakar Bahemia Ariff.

AIMS: The main aim of the movement is to propagate Islam through various Islamic activities mainly through education. It aims also to help the poor and advise the muslims regarding their Deen. It is a social, political and religious organization.


Alhamdulillah the construction of ZamZam Mosque at Grand Sable has already been completed and now we are moving to the first floor. The first floor will be ladies prayer section and a reading library.

Once more we appeal to you to contribute to this noble project.


Dans sa nouveau masjid ki ena à Grand Sable,bientôt li pour abrite ène Dar-ul-Ulum pour garçons, Incha Allah. Seulement dix z’élèves pour capave gagne place. Zotte pour resté lundi à vendredi et samedi, dimanche zotte pour retourne la cage. C’est ène l’endroit extra tranquille cotte li pour facilite Hifz. Et li près avec la mer. Seulement ban z’élèves ki finne passe zotte C.P.E et ki ena ène bon “back ground” ki pour gagne accès. Et cela pour payant. C’est R1000 par mois mais l’administration pour prend en consideration ban ki pas pour capave payé. Z’enfant ki termine so Hifz pour gagne R50,000 comme cadeau. Ban parents ki interessé capave contacté Bureau ZamZam pour plis renseignements.


Incha Allah, the construction of ZamZam Darul-ulum will be completed in a few months.

At the beginning the Dar-ul-Ulum will accommodate only 10 pupils. These pupils will study from Monday to Friday at the Dar-ul-ulum and on week-end, they will go home. All the expenses regarding their studies food, accommodation for sleeping and pocket money, will be take incharge by ZamZam Islamic Centre.

We make an urgent appeal to our brothers and sisters to send their contribution to ZamZam Islamic Centre to help us for the construction of the said Dar-ul-ulum. Jazak Allah.


ZamZam is helping Ligue des Diplomes des Universites Islamiques (L.D.U.I.M) for the construction of an Islamic Centre in Madagascar. The Centre is situated in the capital Antannarivo. The first floor has already been completed and now they are moving for the second floor which will be the mosque and the Madrassah.

We are appealing to our brothers and sisters to contribute generously for this purpose. Send your donation to ZamZam Islamic Centre.

This piece is taken from the website of the Zamzam Islamic Centre.

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