The Jummah Mosque in Mauritius – Ahle-Sunnat-wal-Jama’at

The term Ahle-Sunnat-wal-Jama’at means the teachings and principles of the holy Prophet Muhammad Mustwafa (peace be upon him) in the form in which they have been preserved and followed by his compagnons (swahabas) (r.a) and the Taabi’eens (generation who followed the sahabas) et les Taba-Taabi’eens (generation who followed the Taabi’eens) and the pious people (swaaliheens), among those the friends of Allah (awliyaa-Allah) (r.a) who preserved and followed afterwards these same teachings and principles.

We attach a great importance and preserve many principles among which:

  • We celebrate Mawlood (Meelaad) -un-Nabi , which means the birth of the holy Prophet , during which we read “qaseedas” (poetic songs) praising Allah ta’ala, the holy Prophet (peace be upon him)and Awliyaa-Allah (the saints friends of Allah) (r.a).
  • We celebrate “Urs” (anniversary date of the death) of awliyaa-Allah (r.a) also called the swaaliheens (pious people), since we attach a great importance in our faith, on the teachings of these awliyaa-Allah, real transmitters of the teachings of the holy Prophet of Islam.
  • We practise the “Zikr”, meditation on the names of Allah ta’ala.
  • We practise the “khatam-ul-qur’aan”, ceremonies of lecture of the holy koran.

 This piece is taken from the website of the Jummah Mosque in Mauritius.

See on-line at:


One thought on “The Jummah Mosque in Mauritius – Ahle-Sunnat-wal-Jama’at

  1. farook


    jummah mubaraaq

    kindly advise how do i download on internet/computer pl. by going to which website as i cant access it from ‘chezdeen’ france.

    my last jummah in there musjid was in 1978!!!



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