African Islamic Financial Corporation – Products & Services

AFIFCO-SA is divided into two main branches described as follows :
1. AFIFCO Financial Services whose goal is to develop and deliver services money transfer and exchange offices. This branch is the main activity AFIFCO-SA.
a. AFIFCO EXPRESS is the name or trade name of our office money transfer. . With our partners we are present in over 54 countries around the world including the USA, Canada., Great Britain, Australia, Senegal, Gambia etc.. We have over 1000 offices to transfer money.

Moreover, as part of our business money transfer, AFIFCO-SA will open several offices across Senegal but also in the subregion. AFIFCO uses a system (software) 100% secure with four codes Security code `s name, a password, a token number (token number) and a fourth code connected mobile satellite and that changes numbers every two minutes with a messaging system that informs automatically the beneficiary and the sender `s` dispatch and receipt of amount.

Our strategy supports `s mainly on reducing exchange rate and commissions used by our competitors that may go up to 17% capital sent (10% and 7% commission rates).
b. AFIFCO Exchange : Having obtained the Decree on Approval of Change Manual of the Ministry of Finance has AFIFCO SA-related activities Change. For this, the company has acquired the latest model aircraft detection of counterfeit banknotes, Two-Pocket Discriminator (P-624) capable of detect and count more than 1,000 tickets per minute.
2. AFIFCO Commercial is the second part which seeks to specialize on Import and Export (AFIFCO Import & Export) all kinds of goods, the representation of `business as well as construction and financing (AFIFCO Real Estate).

This piece is taken from the website of the African Islamic Financial Corporation.

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