African Islamic Finance Corporation – About AFIFCO SA

After securing on one hand, a five and a half years of experience in the administrative management of major projects in Africa, Asia and Europe, and an Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) at the University of Sharjah, now enrolled in the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at the University of New Castle, United Kingdom, the Promoter had long had a vision to return back to his home country and establish a service company that specializes in Islamic Finance for agriculture, farming, fishery, renewable energy, trading and logistics, transportation, real estate and restaurant industries.

At present, the Corporation has been incorporated and registered with competent authorities, pending an accreditation by the UEMOA Central Bank before launching initial operation.


The ultimate Mission of AFIFCO-SA is to generate growth and profitability in Islamic Finance Industry by means of values, quality and perseverance.

AFIFCO-SA commits itself to excellence for its customers and shareholders through continuous improvement of services and technology.

AFIFCO-SA promises to be a people-powered organization that recognizes and commensurately motivates employee’s skills, values, and dedication to the Corporation, as it shall encourage openness, creativity, personal and professional development of employees.

AFIFCO-SA aims to become a regionally reputed Islamic Finance Consulting and Shari’a-compliant financing corporation with a World class quality service for Africa.

AFIFCO-SA envisions to be a leader in providing cost-effective and innovative Shari’a-compliant financial solutions that exceed the expectations of its clients.

In taking into consideration of business opportunities due to the needs for Islamic finance overwhelmingly expressed through our market survey in Senegal and the UEMOA countries, AFIFCO-SA vividly intends to be one of the most reputed players in the Islamic Finance Industry. To that end, the Corporation shall strive to attain the following goals and objectives :

To continuously innovate in bringing in diversified portfolio of new Islamic Financial Instruments ; To continuously develop a sound growth strategy to synergize the incommensurable capacity for financing of the Arab Gulf countries and the tremendous vacuum of competition in West Africa for the target sectors. An aggregate growth rate of 30% per annum is being assigned ; A client base estimated 50 at start, shall record a growth of 35% per annum.

This piece is taken from the website of the African Islamic Finance Corporation.

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