Africa Muslim League – About Africa Muslim League

The Africa Muslim League was founded by Sheikh Walid El Saadi and a small group of dedicated African Muslims such as the late Uncle Dawood Ngwane in July 2009 to Unite African Muslims in particular as well as to serve humanity.

The Africa Muslim League is a humanitarian,religious, non-racial, apolitical, non-profitable organization aimed at uplifting the poorest communities. The problem of unemployment cannot be solved by government alone. As our responsibility to society, AML has established a Centre of Hope, training and sustenance for the people. We intend spreading our wings and expanding to encompass South Africa and eventually Africa.

Various projects have been funded by donations from local and overseas philanthropic organizations and individuals to provide relief to destitute orphans. Skills training for the poor and uneducated people is provided to achieve the aims of sustainable living.

The problems of unemployment, poverty, and crime can be reduced and even eradicated from society through these projects.

This piece is taken from the website of the Africa Muslim League.

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3 thoughts on “Africa Muslim League – About Africa Muslim League

  1. Mustafa Olawuyi

    I want to thank Sheikh Walid Saadi and his team for their foresight and commitment to the service of Allah by establishing AFRICA MUSLIM LEAGUE.I would like the body to come out fully with its mission and vision so that the laudable project could enlist the full support of all well-meaning muslims especially in Africa.I write from Nigeria,do you have an office here?


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