Nigerian Muslim Forum UK – About the NMFUK

The Nigeria Muslim Forum was formed in 1991 by Nigerian Muslims based in the United Kingdom. Its initial members are largely students but this has now moved to more settled community. The following are the aims and objectives of the Forum:

  • To promote education in its universal sense for its members and the public through study circles, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • To support and foster mutual co-operation among all Nigerian Muslims in the UK and around the globe.
  • To promote and propagate the religion of Islam in the UK, Nigeria and the world at large.
  • To liase with Muslim Organisations in Nigeria with a view to uniting the Ummah and to support (morally and financially) cross-fertilisation of ideas and activities between the organisations.
  • To arrange reception programmes for all newly arriving Nigerian Muslims into the UK so that they could easily integrate into the Muslim community and the larger society in the UK.
  • To organise programmes aimed at preparing existing UK based Nigerian Muslims for their eventual return to Nigeria and to cope with the challenges and expectations at home.

In pursuance of the above aims and objectives, the Forum has initiated a number of schemes, projects and activities, which it successfully executed and will, with YOUR support, continue to execute insha’Allah.

This piece is taken from the website of the Nigerian Muslim Forum UK.

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2 thoughts on “Nigerian Muslim Forum UK – About the NMFUK

  1. Abu Jibreel

    Sounds very interesting – IDEAL has just released a Yoroba Audio CD of Juzz Ammah and is involved in translating more Islamic work in various African Dialects.

    Visit the page at



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