Nigeria Muslim Forum UK – Some Activities of Forum

Since its formation, the Forum has initiated a number of schemes, projects and activities, which it successfully executed by Allah?s mercy. It has, alhamdu lillah, continue to execute a number of the previous ones in addition to initiating others. The following is a brief outline of such activities.

Conferences and Workshops

The Forum holds three conferences in the year, namely Spring Conference (April/May) and Summer Conference (Aug/September) and Winter Conference and Annual General Meeting (December).

More information about past events can be found here

Promoting Educational Growth of Nigerian Muslims

Muslims, particularly those from the Northern part of Nigeria, are comparatively educationally backward. The Forum has in the past supported (financially) Secondary School teachers so that they can teach for the sake of Allah (SWT). It has also provided books to some institutions, and also supported (financially) Secondary School students in their final year.

Arranging Reception Programmes for New Students

The Forum has, through its Regional Branches, been arranging reception programmes for new arrivals to the United Kingdom. This involves, in some cases, collecting them at the Airport and taking them to their destinations, giving them some guidelines on how to effectively use their time while in the United Kingdom as well as how to familiarise themselves with their immediate community.

Child Sponsorship Scheme

Another scheme that proved to be very successful in the past was the identification of intelligent but indigent students and supporting them financially through a ‘scholarship’ programme. This was possible by proving an avenue for individual members to sponsor the education of a child through provision of the necessary fees and other financial needs of the child from Secondary School to University.

Involvement in Da’awah Activities in Nigeria

The Forum is actively involved in Da’awah Activities in Nigeria, particularly its role in supporting the Da’awah Activities of Islamic Education Trust (IET), Minna, Niger State, supporting the Da’awah and enlightenment activities of Islamic Trust of Nigeria (ITN), Zaria; and, supporting the Da’awah Activities of Muslim Brothers in the South through NACOMIO and other similar organisations.

Collection and Distribution of Zakatul-Fitr in Nigeria

Through the collective efforts of the members of the Forum, the Forum has been collecting and Zakatul Fitr in various localities in Nigeria. Last year alone, over three hundred thousand naira was distributed to the needy in eleven different localities around the country.

This piece is taken from the website of the Nigeria Muslim Forum UK.

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