Islamic Education Trust – Welfare

The Welfare Unit is committed to enhance individual community empowerment and access to services for the improvement of human life.

The Islamic Education Trust, started the year with optimism and aspiration to continue to render meaningful assistance to various categories of people such as individual orphans, widows, pauper patients, etc., and to cover a wider range of the people concerned.

Alhamdu lillah, the objectives were mostly achieved and the communities felt a greater impact of IET compared with the previous years.

Financial assistance, medical assistance, scholarships for both orphans and poor Muslims, widows and converts, were greatly increased and as a result the common slogan chanted by the beneficiaries is “Allah Ya saka” meaning ‘May Allah reward you’. Such assistance has placed IET in high esteem because of the significant social role it is playing in society.

  • IET Welfare staff and volunteers conducted over 45 visits to hospitals, the prisons, orphanage and remand home in Minna.
  • Widows continue to receive financial support through our economic empowerment programme. 276 out of about a thousand widows were assisted to set-up small businesses.
  • A total of 451 orphans were given educational support throughout the year.
  • Under Baitul-Zakah, 92 orphans continued to receive full support which includes their education, medication and other basic needs of life.

This piece is taken from the website of the Islamic Education Trust.

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