Islamic Education Trust: New Horizons College, Minna – The College


New Horizons College is one of the four schools, established by the Islamic Education Trust, Minna, Niger State of Nigeria. It was established on September 10th, 1995, and initially took only day boys.

Today the school has both male and female students, each gender having its own section of classrooms, as well as separate boarding facilities, to cater for students from all over Nigeria, who had for long wished to benefit from the type of education offered by New Horizons College.
The school is a product of the vision of the Trustees who aimed to provide Muslim children and parents, with the right mix of Islamic and Western education to highest international standards.

The Mission Statement of the school is to foster Academic Excellence, Broad General and Islamic Knowledge, and High Islamic Moral Ethos. Alhamdulillah, we are on all fronts living up to the Mission Statement. Testimonies of this are the National Competitions the school performed well in within the past year: Bronze Medal in the Biology Olympiad 2006; Gold Medal at the International Young Physicists Tournament (IYPT 2006); Winners of Digi-Test ICT Cup for senior secondary schools 2006, Winners of ICT Digi-Test ICT Cup for Junior Secondary Schools; and Silver Medal at IYPT 2007. Our yearly WAEC results and performance in JAMB Exams reflect our commitment to high academic standards which have translated into large numbers of our students’ yearly gaining admission into various high institutions within the shores of Nigeria and beyond.

This piece is taken from the website of the Islamic Education Trust: New Horizons College, Minna.

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44 thoughts on “Islamic Education Trust: New Horizons College, Minna – The College

  1. yusuf SFG

    SAWW, i heard about the College today from my brother and as an educationist based in abeokuta, i will like to know more about the College generally. My ambition is to establish school of my own and am already working along that path. i still need further understanding of how successful schools are run. for example, am presently the Manager, Aminat International College Abeokuta. i will like to make request if i can be allowed to come and understudy the College in order to assist my future ambition? and the cost implication of my request?
    i shall be grateful for your reply.
    Ma Salaam


    Assalaamu Alaikum, I wanted to know the available organizations that will give scholarship sponsorshipsto African muslim

  3. faduma

    assalaamu alaikum i wanted to say the people ho say i hate new horizon is the poeple ho dont belive in allah because new harizon is one of the top schools so they shouldnt sat that to new harizon because it is true 2 me that new harizon is not the top schools

  4. faduma

    assalaamu alaikum i wanted to say the people ho say i hate new horizon is the poeple ho dont belive in allah because new harizon is one of the top schools so they shouldnt say that to new harizon because it is true 2 me that new harizon is not the top schools

  5. Natural Herbals

    Its one of the best blog/site ever seen my life. You have been shared best knowledge which is really helpful for everyone & I must say about your management of blog/site is fabulous & fantastic. Hats off to webmaster.

  6. a concerned parent

    why do you only write about the good things of the school????

    why don’t you also write about all your strict RULES
    all your expulsions for no strong reason
    and all the pains you cost parents to go through
    please be sincere and write all that
    be good Muslims and write the truth

  7. a concerned muslim

    salams,i pray that Allah swt exposes you and your hypocrisy….islam has a bad name worldwide and ure also adding to it…by using God and His religion to commit your own atrosities…my heart goes out to d parents and families that youve caused so much pain to…d name new horizons alone breaks hearts in many claim to be muslims but show no compassion at all…Aisha Lemu,it was this same attitude of yours that killed sunrise nur and pri sch in asokoro abj and you are using the same method to slowly kill d college….Maryam Lemu,ure also a mother i wish u sow d same fruit that you reap and hypocrisy will not take you anywhere…you are d type of people being described in d holy Quran as zilwajhain…going about lying to people that you have a degree in bisiness admin nd education just to deceive parents in handing over their children so youll help in shattering and spoiling their future…Salatu Sule ittakullah!!!Mustapha Masuod ittakullah!!! and its a shame that Sheikh Ahmad Lemu watch and shelters this under his watchfull eyes..ittakullah…Allah Wakil!!!!

    1. Sadiq Dipo Mumuney

      Dear concerned Muslim,

      Fear Allah and know for sure that a day will come when you will stand before Him and account for your deeds. And know that while Allah is ever merciful, He is also swift in punishment and the Lord of justice.

      More than likely you are spitting so much venom because your child or ward was suspended or expelled for exam malpractice. If that be the case, please retrace your steps to your Lord and seek His forgiveness and mercy.

      I am a parent of a NHC student. We were briefed about the suspensions and expulsions in a number of PTA meetings. The school took the stand and did not compromise based on its promise to Allah and to parents to imbibe the highest standards in the students while trying to raise vanguards of Islam and Muslims. You will have to be kidding to think that your child or ward will commit any serious offence without being dealt with. If you are used to committing offence without being punished or penalized then you have it wrong. And if you have passed the same to your ward then New Horizons College is not where you want to be.

      Why personalize issues? What have Aisha and Maryam Lemu got to do with your bitterness? On top of it all you have added slandering and backbiting to it. Accept the truth and work hard to remedy the situation because if you keep heading in the wrong direction you will only get further from your goal. Please let is be Mislims.

      Asalam alaykum.

    2. yusuf gajibo

      NHC mx is anoda home 2 me its where I spent 6yrs of mah life. Anyone who says its nt a good schl well dats hs opinion mayb dah person doesn’t lyk dah schl no1 has dah rite 2 say dat its a school of hypocrite 2 an extend of insultin dah principal,vice principal,DG,sis maryam haba nd u call ur self a muslim dats bad I am currently a final year student in NHC I neva regretted nd will neva regret NHC. Its dah best islamic schl in africa weda u lyk it or not. In NHC we re family nd I luv mah family . PEACE

  8. maimuna umar murnai

    please i want to know
    about the exams for 2012 jss1 and how to get your forms for admission into the school

  9. Barrister Halima Nagari Muhammad

    Salam, New Horizons College, Minna is a lovely college, it has improved my brothers and sisters greatly… My brothers are now graduates and our last born is in S.S 3Girls, she has vast knowledge of the Quran, Islam and general knowledge. She is looking forward to a brighter future cos she dedicated herself to the school as the school dedicated itself to them. I will definitely take my children to New Horizons College, Minna Insha Allah. It takes two to learn, encourage ur children to be respectful and willing to learn, then they will accomplish a lot, otherwise it’s suspension and expulsion. Every society has to have a Law, principles and norms or else it fall into CHAOS. We all have our faults, so let’s pick up the pieces, learn frm our past mistakes and do better tomorrow, Inshallah. Ma’asallam.

  10. Dr. Saddiq Mansur

    From University of Nigeria, Nsukka Enugu State, my child wish to apply to your school to JS ! this school year. Kindly imform me how to go about this. I am Dr Saddiq M. A Tel 08037418039, e-mail Thank you,

  11. Bello Modina Oluwatoyin

    AWWW. I am based in Lagos. I write to inquire about what I require to enrol my Daughter who is currently in JSSII @ Caleb International College Lagos. The plan is for her to join In sha Allah in SSI. Also need to know the available care for her in respect of accomodation. Etra Lessons. Care of her hair. Visiting considering the distance. Of course. Sch fees, general academic record of performance of the sch comparing with others and a whole lot of what I need to know t
    o take a decision. Where do I pick the admission form and when. I will appreciate an early response. Maasalam.

    1. Bello Modina Oluwatoyin

      Havnt seen the reply to my letter of 26th April 2012. how and where do i pik the admission form to enable my daughter join in SS1.

  12. Aisha

    Assalamu Alaykum,I have suggestion,dis is my suggestion,It’ll be good if there is a branch of New horizons college here(Abuja).I feel that make it easier to admit more children into the college.Waiting eagerly to hear from you

  13. Aisha

    Assalamu Alaykum,I feel it is gud to have another New Horizons College in Abuja so that more admission wld be given,cos a lot of people have interest in NHC,tank you

  14. Naja'atu Abdulaziz,Class of 2012

    Am really proud to say that I graduated from this respected college.I will like to say a big thank you to both the staff and management of the school……….May Allah make it easy for you to achieve all your goals

  15. Maryam Sagir Saleh

    I was once a student of the college and i feel proud to say i was once in an islamic oriented college,besides its like no other in the country so far…and please if you cant pass a good comment on people who do good for Allah’s sake,then reserve as much negative comments as you wish,even if they do it for riyah i dont think it has to do with anybodys buisness….as far as horizons is concerned it has done alot in grooming what i would refer to as students who REPRESENT wherever they go…..MASHA ALLAH…..really proud i was once a student…..

  16. Unaisatu Saani

    Am a mother from Ghana and I would like to know if u admitte Ghanaians into your school and the fee structure

  17. Idriss Isah

    Alhamdullah i have seen, the college environment and the facilities are good, and good leaning environment. But the students need an orientation un how to be in MASJIT.

  18. A very concerned parent

    Assalamu alaikumu please I want to enroll my child but when I contacted the sectarian I was told I were too late if by any chance can I get my child into the school?

    1. Sadiq Mumuney

      Salaam alaykum.

      Do you get these mails directly? And do you get a notification when people make comments on this site. I’m asking so I don’t have to forward them to you every time I get the comments.

      Many thanks.

      Sent on the move… Catch me if you can.

      1. Mustafa

        No, only when you forward them! Don’t know who set up the blog. Thank you for always bringing messages to our attention. As you can see above, l have written our e-mail address and the contact number.

  19. sani Mohammed

    I want to know more about the school enrolment,admissions and if possible the school brochure and other admission requirements pls..Thank you!

  20. Abbas Yerima

    Salam. The news I do get about NHC is excellent and I am making concerted effort to make contact on how I could get my son enrolled by next session. However, I are not happy that my several calls made to a tel. number got in its web. has never been answered. I am desirous to know when you would begin sale of forms both for JSS1 and JSS2 as I am thinking to transfer my son currently in EAIS Minna JSS1 to commence his JSS2 in NHC (if he can pass the entrance exams). I need an urgent response.My family lives in Malali,Kaduna

    1. Sadiq Mumuney

      Salaam alaykum.

      The Principal can be reached on 0805 622 4831

      Sent on the move… Catch me if you can.


  21. binta umar

    Pls i want to know howo to get admission into j’s1. My child want to be in your school next session, In Sha Allah


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