Islamic Education Trust: Da’wah Institute of Nigeria (DIN) – Introduction: The Challenges Before Us

It is universally agreed that society needs youth that will grow to be God-conscious leaders with a clear sense of direction and purpose, a sense of responsibility and integrity, and who will positively influence each other and society. Yet most of these vital life skills are not taught in our educational institutions.

  • How do we effectively develop the leadership potentials of a “critical mass” of youth in a generation, if these are left to mere chance and “experience”?
  • How do we develop the confidence of Muslim youth in their faith and the willingness to share it with others, if they are not exposed to an intellectual appreciation of Islam, and ways of responding to faith-shaking questions?
  • How do we ensure emotional intelligence in times of tension if the youth have not been exposed to the principles and etiquettes of disagreement and conflict resolution?
  • How are youth expected to be optimistic about their financial future, and not consider a life of crime or corruption, if they are not exposed to proven ethical ways of securing their financial freedom and stability?
  • How do youth establish effective and stable families if they have no guidance and premarital counseling, but are left to “learn from their mistakes” instead of from the mistakes and wisdom of others?
  • How do we ensure that religious differences and stereotyping do not lead to bigotry and conflict if no one discusses the need to respect inter-faith differences and appreciate similarities?
  • How do sincere Muslim graduates prepare adequately for the competitive job market to fulfill their social responsibilities (fardu kifaya), if they do not know what will give them an edge over others, or how to even prepare curriculum vitae?

Fortunately, the knowledge and skills necessary to face these and other challenges can be taught. Unfortunately, most of these skills are only available to a few of those in the corporate and academic world who can afford them, if available.

The Da’wah Institute has with Allah’s assistance, the expertise and experience to help various organizations and individuals in meeting these challenges from an Islamic perspective. To this end, the DIN has with Allah’s grace researched and prepared various courses to help young people (and Muslims in particular) prepare for their present and future challenges.

This piece is taken from the website of the Islamic Education Trust: Da’wah Institute of Nigeria (DIN).

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