Islamic Education Trust – About IET

Islamic Education Trust (IET) was founded on 16th Ramadan, 1379 AH (18th November, 1969). It was registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1971.

The Mission of the Islamic Education Trust is:

To convey to the people of Nigeria and the wider world the message of self-surrender (Islam) to the One God and to provide high quality education for Muslims to develop their God-given potential for good and thereby contribute to the righteous development of humanity.

The first step taken by the Founding Trustees of IET towards realization of their mission was to constitute a “Think Tank”, identify priority programme of activities, and draw up strategic plans for their execution. Within the first two years of its foundation, the Islamic Education Trust was able to achieve so much in the field of Islamic public enlightenment and teaching of Islamic Studies in some educational institutions in the former North-Western State of Nigeria as to attract the moral and financial support of the State Government, the late Sultan Abubakar III, and many other people in various parts of Nigeria.

With the continued support as well as guidance of Allah in every respect, and with the dedication of the successive staff members and all other stakeholders of the Islamic Education Trust, the organization developed a monitoring and review system for successful implementation of the strategic plans. Consequently, in the span of almost forty years of its operation, the Islamic Education Trust has now emerged as a model organization of excellence at the national and international levels. It works, specifically in the fields of Da’wah and Education. In terms of current preoccupation, the IET comprises five Departments. These are:

  1. Da’wah in all its ramifications
  2. Education (from Nursery to Senior Secondary level)
  3. Human Welfare
  4. Awqaf (Islamic Religious endowment) development for sustainability of the IET
  5. Administration (for effective management, coordination and supervision) of all affairs of the IET

This piece is taken from the website of the Islamic Education Trust.

See on-line at:


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