Muslim Association of Kenyatta University (MAKU)

Muslim association of Kenyatta University (MAKU) is a registered Muslim association at Kenyatta University. It was formed the year 1981 by the students of Kenyatta University, and then called Kenyatta University College. The association comprises of the Muslim students, the teaching as well as non-teaching staff of this university.

Its role is to coordinate all Muslim students’ welfare and Islamic activities in the campus through correct Islamic knowledge and education, maku provides students with tools they need to develop and maintain students’ Muslim identity in the face of challenges posed by today’s melting-pot.

Over the past few years, the number of Muslim students admitted to the university has increased fairly due to introduction of the self sponsored programme.we have substantive number in the three campuses: Main, Ruiru and Parklands campuses.


  1. To promote understanding of the Islamic faith to (Muslims and non-Muslims).
  2. To strengthen the unity, brotherhood and sisterhood of the Muslims.
  3. To encourage the study of and practice of Islam.
  4. To elucidate some of the misconceptions about Islam.

The association has always endeavored to serve the interests of the Muslim community at large. We have been conducting our programme to suit our members as well as the Muslims from our environs.

In its quest to deliver this services, the association is diversely organized into various committees that cater for the needs of our members.
The basic structure is the executive wing then followed by the following committees and departments;

  1. Treasury department
    -finance and investment committee
  2. Da’awa department
    -library department
    -Al-mizan department
    -mosque department
    -welfare department
  3. Alumni department
  4. Ladies wing


  1. Abdiwahid M.Noor chairman
  2. Khamis M.Mwasiwa vice-chairman
  3. Muhumed D.shurie sec-Gen
  4. Rahma Abdullahi chairlady
  5. Mgalla M.Rajab org. sec
  6. SalimA.Salim
  7. Salma Issa treasurer
  8. Hussein Hassan ass.treasurer
  9. Islam Said da’awa coordinator
  10. Halima Ibrahim ass.da’awa coordinator
  11. Ahmed Adan Abdikadir librarian
  12. Aysha Mohamed ass.librarian
  13. Abdalla Swaleh student imam
  14. Hassan Mohamed chief editor
  15. Hashim Musa namsa rep’
  16. Said A. Said sports coordinator
  17. Hassan Noor ruiru rep’
  18. Ahmed Noor parklands rep’


  • Thursdays gathering
  • Rallies/workshop/sports day
  • Outreach programme-children fund
  • Da’awa programme
  • Inter-faith dialogue
  • Ramadhan and eid programmes


  1. MAKU office
  2. Library
  3. Various prayer rooms
  4. Mosque site-construction has just began.


University has imam: sheikh abdallah kheir.the office coordinates all Muslims students welfare matters on the campus and conducts the counselling

The association has also patron. The patron is Dr.ahmed shakil.lecturer at sociology department


  • Abdiwahid Mohamed Noor (chairman) -0720780200
  • Muhumed Dubow Shurie (Sec.Gen) -0721805098
  • Sheikh Abdallah Kheir (Uni. Imam) -0722861138
  • Dr.Ahmed Shakil (Patron) -0733779500


This piece is taken from the website of the Jamia Masjid Nairobi.

See on-line at:


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