Maahad Daawah Organization



Based in spacious 11 acre site at Maili Tisa town, near the border town of Namanga. Offering 5 year course in higher Islamic studies

  • Relief & Rehabilitation

Famine, Drought, water, Iftar relief distribution country wide.

  • Welfare

Orphans, widow’s upkeep, medical, social & other community based welfare.

  • Daawah Activities

Youth camps, seminars, publications etc.

  • Student Sponsorship

Assistance for secondary, Colleges & University students.

  • Qurbani / Udhiyya Program

Sale of Qurbani live goats and Udhiyya program during Eid Ul Adha festivals.

  • Mosque & Madrassa

Construction of Mosques on full finance available basis, maintenance of Madrassa.

  • Income Generation

1. Money tins

Placement of money tins in various premises, homes supermarkets, as way of collection of funds for its activities

2. Honey products sales
Direct pure honey from its farm at Alfurqan Institute Maili Tisa Centre.

3. Charity Walk
Annual or Bi Annual walk to raise funds for specific projects

4. Souvenir Gifts
Sale of Bags, stickers, pens t-shirts with Maahad Daawah Organization/Alfurqan Training Institute logo

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This piece is taken from the website of Jamia Masjid Nairobi.

See on-line at:


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