International African Shia Federation

The International African Shi’a federation is an umbrella organisation with affiliated members across the globe. The federation has been established with a number of key aims and objectives in mind the first and foremost of which is to bring about a global unity of the various African Shi’a communities. It is the belief of the federation that through this unity the various needs which are of a specific and general nature might be addressed in a practical and successful manner. We seek to develop financial independence through a number of business ventures which will see the federation invest in businesses run by African Shi’as. One of the key concerns of the federation is education both within the Islamic disciplines and also outside, the federation offers Islamic programmes of study aimed at a number of levels from the beginner to those of a much more advanced level. These programmes are administered and delivered by the federation with some of the programmes being validated and run in conjunction with secular Universities. The federation has a commitment to equal opportunities, gender equality, anti racism and inter and intra religious dialogue and cooperation. These values the federation believes are in conformity with the Islamic principle of establishing justice and equity in all aspects of personal and social life. An active commitment to these values the federation believes are best typified in the organisational structure the federation has adopted to bring about its identified short and long term aims and objectives.

The federation exists to promote the teachings of Islam as exemplified by the household of Prophet Mohammad (as) known as the Ahlul Bayt in preparing for the return of the Imam of the age his holiness Imam Mahdi (as). The return of the Imam will the federation believes usher in an age of complete social justice, equity and an end to corruption within society. The federation will seek to work with all organisations Islamic and otherwise which have an active commitment to and promote the three above mentioned ideals. The federation understands that social just exhibits itself in a myriad of ways such as in, education, health care, employment, gender equality and equity, social mobility and the freedom to practice without fear of harm or prejudice a faith of one’s own choice amongst others.

The federation will actively seek out individuals and organisations across the globe which it feels can assist and aide in the diverse projects it is involved in. The federation will where feasible, necessary and appropriate assist either in an advisory, financial or educational capacity those projects which it believes will best promote social and community harmony amongst its members and those outside of its membership. The federation is not at present and will not seek to align itself with any political party nor national government, it will not engage in any political activity where it has representation nor will it endorse individual candidates regardless of their political affiliation. The federation is a charitable organisation with a charitable mandate and although some of its direct activities or those it may sponsor may generate monetary profit that profit is in turn placed at the service of the community the federation ultimately serves.

This piece is taken from the website of the International African Shia Federation.

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6 thoughts on “International African Shia Federation

  1. Muhammad Saleem Malekzadeh

    As salam alaikum

    I have sent an email with my CV attached few days back to our Shia community in Tanzania & Botswana asking for help but got no reply yet. This is Muhammad Saleem Malekzadeh from Karachi -Pakistan. I asked for your help in getting me a job in your country as I am in deep crises. I resigned because my employer ( a wahabi) started troubling me after he learnt that I am a Shia. So, I resigned and now want to move abroad and work in an organization owned by our Shia brother. Any job, anywhere. I am honest, diligent and easily adaptable to all sort of job.

    Please do reply me at the soonest. So far I have travelled to the UK, South Korea, Malaysia, Iran, India, Sri Lanka and the UAE.

    Please help a needy momeen brother. I dont need money, what I need is a job abroad.

    Iltemas e dua

    Muhammad Saleem Malekzadeh

  2. mwinyi ramadhani

    Assalam Alaikum ,
    I am suprised that you are explaining about African Shia Federation of which there are no African shias represented in it . I think you should be specifiic of what you actually mean which is Khoja African Federation. That is for the khojas who were born in Africa.
    I’m a shia based in Nairobi and I have never heard of your federation and what i know is of our brothers from the khoja who have their African and World federation organization.
    I stand to be corrected if am wrong , can I be informed of the shia communities that are affiliated to the International African Shia Federation .
    It is my hope this is not one of the organizations established on behalf of African shias.

  3. shaban ali

    I am an MBA from a University of a repute in Islamabad. I have experienced in Insurance and am presently working in the capacity of a deputy manager. I am drawing salary of more than 50000/- per month but I wish to work in foreign country under the auspices of our shia brothren.
    I hope I may be informed to serve under your patronage and oblige.
    shaban ali

  4. m ssdiq

    glad to know about ur orgination who is working for the betterment of shia community .i am the follower of ahalbait a.s.l too want to become a member of this that ican help the com

  5. shekh.yusaf

    Shekh Yusaf

    I am from multan Pakistan my name is shekh.yusaf in darassalaam your 1 community member names mr.saleem.mowaji his mobile number is 0784786707 and 0715786707 owner of a tanry in bagala keeping my money remaining 70000$ not giving me total was 98700$ he has given me 28700$ I m helpless on this base he want to eat my halal money. Is there any Muslims community likely your community to help me


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