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    Thursday. Rabiul Sani 25, 1432
    March 31, 2011

    Respected Honorable

    The Mahman-sarai at miskeenpur is the place where thousand + people across the Pakistan and abroad visits where the people get well positive wishes……… cooked food in well civilized and Islamic manners . The treatment of patients with the help of Quranic verse and by way of medical. The Jahez is also provided to the needy girls at their weddings and much more help is being provided to the needful people who visit the Mahman-sarai at Miskeenpur.
    Insects, pet, birds and other animals are also provided food and shelter. The above all matter are being carried out by the Mahman-sarai at Miskeenpur absolutely free of cost through hundred volunteers.
    The Jamia Billal Mosque is under construction where many students are getting Quranic education like Hafiz and nazra. All the facilities like food medicals clothing and other need of the student are being fulfilled free of cost.
    The event of the two saints is being celebrated to the great extent.
    The Urs Mubarrak of HAZRAT DATA GANJ BUKHSH is being celebrate 19th of every Islamic month and Urs Mubarrak of HAZRAT SACHAL SAR MUSST is celebrated on 14th of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak every year , where in above both events the Ulma , Mashaikh , Qari ,Hamd-o-Naat Khuwan are participate in the events and during the month of safar-ul- Muzfar (aurad) recitation of Quranic verses and DROOD PAK continues whole month in which more then hundred people participates voluntarily . The lodging and boarding and other basic of such people are also fulfilled free of cost.
    The project of Mahman-sarai at Miskeenpur consists of construction of Jamia BILLAL MOSQUE, School, Hospital and residential colony is under way.
    The individual, Organization and Departments National and international are invited to visit us Mahman-sarai at Miskeenpur at any time especially at the time of both great events.
    They are requested to participate in the above mention construction scheme by Donation their valuables.
    The purpose of this letter is to humbly request you to contribute towards this noble cause, through Sadaqat or Zakat out of what Allah the almighty has entrusted to you
    May Allah reward you abundantly.

    Account information:
    United Bank Limited Khura Talka Gambat Branch
    District Khairpur Mir’s. Sindh, Pakistan
    Account no: 0101372-9 .Code no: 10375

    Best wishes,


    At Miskeenpur District Khairpur Mir’s
    P.O Gambat, Sindh, Pakistan.
    Contact # +92243515686


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