The Young Muslim association – Young Muslim Academy

YOUNG MUSLIM ACADEMY (YOUNG MUSLIM PRIMARY SCHOOL), is an eight-year course that offers the government syllabus of primary education.

At the end of the eight years, students sit for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. This examination serves as a key stepping stone to Secondary and post secondary education.

This school was started in 1978 and held its first examination in 1981. Apart from the center children, the school offers learning opportunities to more than 400 other children of both sexes who attend as day students.

The aim of opening up the school to non-orphans is to provide educational opportunities to the hundreds of children within the neighborhood and also to give the orphans social interaction whereby they rub shoulders and sit side by side with the children of the rich and the high in the society. In this way they get integrated and enjoy equality.

The Association has put up this school in order to give the children wholesome education that combines both secular and islamic principles.

As a result of this foundation, many orphans have completed their primary education at the center and thereafter proceeded on to secondary and post secondary levels.

Consequently many have been enrolled into professions such as teaching, medicine and agriculture e.t.c.

This piece is taken from the website of the Young Muslim Association.

See on-line at:


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