The Young Muslim Association – YMA Activity Reports

Monday, July 17, 2006

YMA ACTIVITY REPORTSIn The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful




Over the past 35 years the Young Muslim Association with its minimum resources has achieved success in many of its projects and programmes under the following:-

a. Orphan And Child Care
b. Education
i. Religious
ii. Secular
c. Youth And Students Development Programmes
d. Da’awah Activities And Programmes
e. Relief & Water Programme
f. Social Welfare And Assistance
g. Networking

Perhaps it is this success that has enabled many people to identify themselves with the Association, hence channeling their needs and alms through it. The biggest challenge the Association has had has been effective response to those needs to the best of its capability. Each of the above mentioned Programmes are a series of projects and activities with direct impact both to the society and the Association.


The Associations offices situated at the Jamia Plaza Nairobi houses its secretariat with a staff of eight (8) personnel under the guidance of the Executive Committee. The secretariat is the nerve center for planning, fund raising and implementation of its Programmes and activities throughout the Republic. The Management Committee which comprises of all the office bearers meets every Wednesday from 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m, whereas the Executive Committee meets regularly to deliberate and discuss various issues pertaining to the Associations Programmes and projects.


2.1 Garissa Muslim Childrens Home

The biggest infra structure in the name of the organization is the Garissa Muslim Children’s Home managed by a GMCH sub committee through the Director, Sheikh Moti ur Rasool, which manages the following.

2.1.1 The Masjid

Al – Hamdulillah the mosque is quite spacious and can accommodate up to 1000 persons. Besides the regular five prayers, it is full to its capacity on Fridays with Muslims from neighbourhood also benefiting from the facility. Due to hot climatic conditions the ablution area gets very uncomfortable thus a shed over the area and a sheltered passage from the entrance to the main hall is under construction, a beautiful veranda on the entrance is also under construction. Recently the main congregational Hall was carpeted. All the above three activities have been facilitated by our generous and philanthropic brothers from Nairobi and Mombasa. Before and after the Fajr prayers and prayers the mosque houses the Tahfeez ul Quran classes, for the children from Home.

2.1.2 THE HOME

The home under the direct supervision of its Director Sheikh Moti ur Rasool and Manager Sheikh Abdisalam has 300 orphans and destitute children undergoing various educational programmes. The home consist of a Kitchen, Dinning Hall, four dormitories, administrative block, library, ablution block and the stores, it is managed by a staff of 54 at a monthly budget of Kshs.660, 000/=


In order to secure the front and eastern side of the Centers land a project to construct a perimeter wall was undertaken during the year which has been completed at a total cost of KShs.935,000/=, some materials were of the materials were donated by the Friends of the Young Muslim Association.


The nursery/Madrassa-integrated school within the compound of the Primary school is a pilot project under the Ministry of Educations Islamic Integrated Education Programme (IIEP). The curriculum of this programme was developed jointly by the YMA, Kenya Institute of Education and the UNICEF. Special Madrassa Teachers have been trained by the YMA for the programmes. Currently there are (17 inmates) Students under the supervision of 2 qualified teachers and three subordinate staff. The school is very much in on demand with the local community, but due to shortage of space we are unable to cope with the ever increasing requests.


The new intake of children every year goes through the orientation as programme when the new children report during May/June and can not be absorbed in the ongoing formal education system, they join the two NON – FORMAL system of Education, the Duksi and the Tahfeez and Qur’an classes has 76 students where as Tahfeez Class consist of 38 Students.


The primary school, which consist of one Administration block, one workshop, one home science lab, eighteen class rooms and seventeen toilets and a large playing field has a population of 698 students, 456 boys and 242 girls. All the students receive FREE education from a well-trained teaching force of 21 staff, 18 of these teachers are provided by the Ministry of Education. During the 2001 national examination the school obtained 6th position in the Province, and the top six students were admitted to the various national schools. The top girl student from the Province was also from our school


For the past few years negotiations were underway with the Islamic Development Bank for a grant for the construction of a secondary school. Al Hamdulillah the buildings of the school consisting of an Administration Block, 5 classrooms, two laboratories and sanitary block were completed by June 2002. The IDB delegation which visited the school on 3rd September 2002 were satisfied and handed the buildings to the YMA through Br. Abdulhamid Slatch and Sheikh Moti ur Rasool. The school is planned to start with the first intake in January 2003, Insha’Allah. The construction cost of the buildings together with the furniture is Ksh.15, 503,670. The science laboratories and the computer laboratory needs to be equipped for which the Association will have to raise funds.


The GMCH runs a fully fledged IDDADI (Primary) Madrassa which caters for 450 students from the Home and the surrounding villages. A well laid out syllabus prepares the students who after external examination qualify to join any of the Thanwi (secondary) Madrassa in the country. Once again the education is provided free of any charges. The Association has employed eleven (11) Maalim (teachers) under the capable supervision of Sheikh Ismail the Head master.

Spread on about one hundred acres of land the YMA farm, which is also known as the Children’s farm grows horticulture crops such as paw paw, bananas, mangoes etc, etc. The cash returns from the sale of the produce goes towards the upkeep of the orphans and destitute. There is also a dairy farm with 30 cows, the milk produce is sold in the local market and its income generated for the benefit of the children.


3.1 Religious Education

The core of tarbiyya and the basic Islamic Training is achieved through our madrassas and DUKSI system of education. Since the introduction of 8 – 4 – 4 system of education in the country the Muslim Children found it impossible to receive religious education through the normal madrasas due to lack of time. The Association has been engaged in developing and improving the Madrassa education, currently the Association runs:-
1. 3 Duksi
2. 2 Tahfeez ul Qur’an Madrassas
3. 1 Girls Madrassa
4. 9 madrassas up to Iddadi level


The project for the memorization of the Holy Qur’an at the Railway Mosque, Nakuru caters for 24 boarding students. So far 36 students have graduated as Hufaz.


Since its introduction in 1984 as an examinable subject at the Primary School level the Association has been involved and spearheading the implementation of the teaching of the subject in schools. A panel (I.R.E. panel) of 14 various Muslim Organisation was constituted under the Chairmanship of Br. Bashir Mchangamwe with his dedicated leadership more that 100 schools in Nairobi are benefiting with the teaching of I.R.E.. Br. Bashir also sits on the academic committee of the Kenya Institute of Education. The panel has recognition from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and consults it on issues of teachers, curriculum and training of new teachers. The panel also lobby’s for the admission of Muslim students at Kagumo Teachers College.


Since the start of the Garissa Muslim Children’s Home, the major policy of the Association has been to develop human resources. To see it achieve success the Association has laid a great emphasis on the development and implementation secular education for to the Muslim youth by providing them with resources to achieve this goal. The Association provides bursaries to the needy and deserving students at the Secondary, College and University level. In the year 2001 a sum of Kenya shillings one million seven hundred forty five thousand (Kshs.1,745,000/=) was paid in form of school fees and bursaries.

Currently 2 students, a brother and a sister are also undergoing their masters degree courses sponsored by the Association. During this year 4 students were also assisted to obtain admissions at the International Islamic University of Malaysia and Uganda.


Under the Government’s policy of Education for ALL (EFA) by the year 2015 the UNESCO is very much in the lead with the local education based organizations to develop and establish NFE programmes especially in the rural areas. The Y.MA has been pushing ahead with its agenda that the Muslim’s Madrassa education system be recognized under the NFE. The Association was appointed a member of the NFE Committee at the K.I.E. and is represented by Br. Abdulhamid Slatch.


To achieve better educational participation and delivery to the Muslim Child the Association has been engaged with various stakeholders and partners to achieve maximum results:-

a. Partner With UNICEF On Early Childhood Development And
Islamic Integrated Education Programme (I.I.E.P.).

b. Committee member, Emergency Response Education Committee,
c. Member of Steering Council – Elimu Yetu Coalition.
d. Founder and steering council member of Pastoralist Children’s
Education Coalition (PCEC).
e. Executive member of the Inter – Faith Education Forum.[



Since Young Muslim Association’s inception regular youth training programmes through, Lectures, Youth Rallies Camps and Seminars have been an ongoing project of the Association.

Regular Saturday youth programmes within Nairobi are being co-ordinated by Khalfan Jabir who himself underwent Islamic Leadership Training Programme at the Da’wah Academy, International Islamic University, Islamabad. Currently 35 young persons (brothers/sisters) are undergoing the Leadership Training Programme. These participants are drawn from Nairobi’s slum areas i.e. Kibera, Korogocho, Kangemi and Pumwani. Besides Leadership Training Programme the youth are also being educated against drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.

A 4 days Islamic Training and Da’wah seminar for the youth was held at Voi during 2002 March where participants from Taita, Wundanyi and Mwatate also attended.

Inter – Faith Youth Reconciliation and Peace building programmes have also been included in our youth agenda and are being co-ordinated by Br. Abdulrahman Wandati.


Al Hamdulillah the Association has successfully been able to establish 275 Muslim Student Associations in the secondary schools, 22 College, Public Universities and 2 private Universities i.e. Maseno and USIU. The Muslim Student Associations operate independently but are affiliated to Young Muslim Association. The Association provides them with the Holy Qur’ans and Islamic Literature for their libraries. Praying facilities and financial assistance for their religious educational programmes and Ramadhan iftar are also assisted by the Association.

5.1 With the Islamic principal of Da’wah “Reach out to the People by way of Hikma”, the
Association has been engaged in two fold Da’awah Programmes – one within the Muslim fraternity and the other amongst the Non – Muslims.

The Da’wah amongst the Muslims is through Lectures, personal approaches, distribution of literature, interaction through electronic media, seminars and symposiums calling them to the Universal And Correct Message of Islam.


The members of the Association through its strategic approaches, engage in discussions and dialogues with our brothers and sisters from the other divide. After the September 11 incidents, besides the whiplash. There has also been an increased interest amongst the people to know more about Islam, the Association took the opportunity and imported 5000 copies of the English version of the Holy Qur’an and some other English Titles for free distribution – courtesy of our brothers from U.K.

The following copies of Holy Qur’ans and books on Islam were distributed during this year:-

a) 500 copies of the Holy Qur’ans, to the Armed Forces of Kenya
b) 1000 copies of the Holy Qur’ans to Uganda
c) 1000 copies of Holy Qur’ans to Tanzania
d) 100 copies of Holy Qur’ans to Christian participants of a seminar on peace
and reconciliation.
e) The copies of Holy Qur’ans to schools and University Libraries
f) The following titles are also under distribution:-

1. Islam and Introduction
2. Islam and Christianity
3. Islamic Concept of Hygiene
4. Human Rights in Islam
5. A copy each of the Encyclopedia of Hadeeth was sent to all the Eighteen Kadhi’s Courts.
6. Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam.
7. Islam In Focus
8. Woman Under the Shade of Qur’an
9. The Qur’an and the Gospel
10. The Battles of the Prophet

There is demand for Juzu Ama which was reprinted by the Association many times and distributed free of charge.

Under Da’awah programme four mosques were completed during the year ;

a) A mosque at Madogo village
b) Assisted in the completion of the Kabimoi mosque
c) Rehabilitated the Butere Jamia Mosque
d) Assisted in the completion of the Odha mosque, Tana River District.

6.1 Kenya has a history of natural and man-made disasters as a result of continuous drought, floods and tribal clashes the poor communities in the Northern areas always suffer. The Association with the help of our International partners i.e. Muslim Aid, Muslim Helfen, WAMY Riyadh and others carried food relief Programmes in Tana River District, Garissa District and Taita Taveta District.

Since the El – Nino Phenomena in 1997 the Association has been running a regular Child-Feeding Programme in 9 villages of Tana River and 4 divisions of Taita Taveta.

The Ramadhan IFTAR Programmes in the poor areas are normal features programmes for the forthcoming Holy months of Ramadhan are being planned.


Water is life and since majority of the Muslim population of Kenya lives in the ASAL areas the availability of clean drinking water is very scarce. The association developed a simple and cost effective programme to provide the needy communities with clean water by sinking shallow water wells and fitting them with hand pumps. Al Hamdu Lillah with the assistance of Muslime Helfen, Muslim Aid and other individual donors we have completed 18 such projects and also assisted Wajir West with their major water scheme.


With the poverty rate at 56% the Kenya Muslims are the worst affected and need regular assistance. The Association with its limited resources extends a helping hand. Some of these are regular Programmes while others are assisted as the need arises: – Our Regular assistances are:-

a. Monthly ration supply to the Old Women’s Home in Pumwani
b. Monthly financial assistance to a number of widows
c. Free funeral vehicle services for the deceased.
d. Burial of the un-claimed Muslim bodies.


Every year this programme is conducted so that the udhiya meat reaches out to the poor and needy people. Al – Hamdulillah during the year 27,990 people benefited from our qurbani programme when 667 goats, 32 cows and 2 camels were slaughtered and its meat distributed.


During the Holy month of Ramadhan Zakat ul Fitr is collected from the Muslim Community and then distibuted to the deserving and needy Muslims before the Eid Day. During the year Ksh.518,505/= was collected and distributed.


For wider approach and reaching out to the others both at National and International levels on various issues, the Association interacts with the following:-

i) World Assembly of Muslim Youth – Saudi Arabia
ii) International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations
iii) UNICEF – Education & Health
iv) UNESCO – Peace Net
v) NGO Council – (Member of Technical Committee on National NGO Policy)
vi) Member of Steering Council on Youth Policy (Ministry of Social Services)
vii) Member of Task Force Related to Laws on HIV/AIDS
viii) Member of IRAC (Inter Religious Aids Committee)
ix) Executive Board Member – Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children.
x) Member of National NGO’s – CRC Committee
xi) Member of the Steering Committee – CADEC
xii) Member Elimu Yetu Coalition
xiii) Member of Steering Committee Pastoralist Children’s Education Committee. (PCEC)
xiv) Member of Mombasa Islamic University Interim Committee.
xv) Accredited to the United Nation General Assembly’s Special Session
on Children (UNGASS)
xvi) Member Kenya Human Rights Commission – Network
xvii) Member Islamic Human Rights Commission

Dear Brothers, these are some of the activities and Programmes which the Executive Committee of the Young Muslim Association with the blessings of Allah Subhanaho wa Taala and your assistance have been able to implement. We pray to the Al – Mighty to grant us with wisdom, courage and Tawfeeq to continue striving for this Noble Cause.

Wa Billah e Tawfeeq.

Abdul Hamid Slatch
Secretary General

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