Shia and Sunni Scholars met in Ghana

News ID: 1098
Publish date: 21 December 2009 – 09:00
Shia & Sunni Scholars Met in Ghana
Shia and Sunni scholars in the West African country of Ghana met earlier this week in capital Accra.

The gathering was organized by the Iranian cultural center in the country on the advent of the lunar month of Muharram.

More than 70 scholars from Shia and Sunni schools of thought attended the meeting to strengthen Islamic unity.

Speaking at the gathering, Afsari said that rationally speaking, unity is a blessing from Allah, the Almighty.

According to Rohama, he urged Muslim scholars and preachers to avoid inciting discord and disunity in their sermons and lectures.

Afsari also noted that the late Imam Khomeini always reiterated the necessity of maintaining and strengthening unity among Muslims. “This is what Ayatollah Khamenei has always stressed, too.”

Source: IQNA
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