World Islamic Mission: Mauritius Branch – About WIM

Founder and Chief Patron
His Eminence Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui Al Qadiri


The World Islamic Mission was formed in 1972 by Sunni Dignitaries from countries worldwide in Makkah Mukarramah. The World Islamic Mission has grown to serve muslims across Europe, the United States of America, North America, Africa and Asia. The World Islamic Mission is, Alhamdullillah, a leading Islamic-Socio-Benevolent Organisation. The Head Quarters of World Islamic Mission is in Bradford, England. The President and Chief Patron is His Eminence Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui Al Qadiri. World Islamic Mission (Mauritius) was established in February 1975. The following shows the World Islamic Mission (Mauritius) structure:

Mission Statement


  • Promote Islamic Knowledge
  • Enhance social development
  • Spread the true message of Islam
  • Inculcate sincere love and respect of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in the heart and mind of every muslim
  • Assert and follow the teachings and examples of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon Him)

To be a member you should believe in:

  • Allah – He is the only one God and all His attributes are eternal
  • Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).
    • He is the best among Allah’s creatures The Last and The Seal of all Prophets.
    • By Allah’s command, He has knowledge of the unseen – Ilm-é-ghaib – and is present and is observing – Hazir – o – Nazir.

This piece is taken from the website of World Islamic Mission Mauritius Branch.

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2 thoughts on “World Islamic Mission: Mauritius Branch – About WIM

  1. Zahid Nadeem

    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    Topic:- Publication of Quran-E-Majeed with NEW DIMensions after Research of its MICRO Subjects.


    I am thankful to Almighty Allah, the Lord of Universe, who honored a worthless person like me to be included in the great list of servers of the “Holy Quran”. Till now it is not possible for a mortal man to take courage to work on the Almighty Book with any reference except this is the special Kindness of Allah that he chooses him for his will, forgive his personal misdeeds and at every step, he helps him to accomplish this task by descending his guidance from heaven.

    During compilation of the Holy Qura’n, this humble man gained many facts and their consequences in the world through human beings. (with open eyes)

    Now I am going to present the explanation of some important subjects of the “Holy Quran”.

    1. Symbols are used prominently in three colours for the explanations of the person who recites the “Holy Quran”. The start of every Surah is named after the definition of its title.

    2. Second part elaborates this definition. Third part presents the practical impact of this explanation on the human beings of current times. Fourth part describes positive and negative impacts of this practical and at the end Almighty Allah presents the summary of all these topics. If the Surah is observed and read in this pattern, the “Holy Quran” will be proved as complete code of life in every era.

    It guarantees honorable life to nations who follow these commandments in the light of its arguments and proof till the day of Judgment.

    3. To elaborate these topics we have arranged verses in five colours, so that it can be compared with present life and worldly laws.

    I. Islamic History is reference. These verses are arranged in “Yellow Colour”. In the light of this topic every Muslim and Non-Muslim can take better guidance for his domestic life and by taking guidance from these historical happenings, he can save rest of his life from tremendous conflicts and dangers.

    II. Second topic related to the guidance taken from the basic points of Islamic History is arranged in “Blue Colour”. The guidance taken from this subject make the ways of developed and modern technology easier, and the solution of all the complications can be gained before sunset.

    III. In the light of instructions, the praises of Allah the verses of blessings and gratitude are “Coloured in Green”. This subject takes out the man from Pride, Violence, Blood pressure and Tension and leads him towards peaceful life.

    IV. To adopt the principles of worship, laws are necessary and these verses of laws are “Coloured in Orange”. This topic “Laws” stress to remain with in the limitations which effects the daily life of man by spending life in the light of these laws, he can get rid off all tensions and diseases and can lead a happy life .

    V. Those who deny or change these Laws, a severe punishment is proclaimed for them. That is “Coloured in Red”. This topic is a test of man’s power and a challenges man. “Do you have the ability to bear the punishment of this duration”. Or present yourself for bearing an everlasting sorrowful life. All the topics of the “Holy Quran”, would again recognize its reality to all the creature of universe. (Insha Allah)

    In this script of the “Holy Quran”, there are such Twenty (20) Sentences for which there is proclamation of punishment for those, who pronounce them incorrectly. In the “Holy Quran”, there are Fourteen (14) Places on which Allah has ordered Sajdah. These sentences are also made prominent. The totality of 114 Surah of the “Holy Quran” is introduced for the first time in the world. The exact number of “Raqoo’h”, “Verses”, “Words” and “Sentences” are presented with the name of every Surah. It is a proof that it is a new challenge for all the Figures which were presented ever and those early figures are proved wrong. Which are gathered from different books and Islamic scholars.

    A new method is introduced to explain the “Holy Quran” to all the human beings. In this a comparative analysis of all the Surahs of the “Holy Quran” is given. Every topic presents its percentage in Surah, which will be guidance for the followers and the challenge for the disbelievers.

    It is for the first time that a complete comparative analysis of the “Holy Quran” is being presented in the form of Graph in the world. Every Part of this Graph is a solid answer to blames of humanity. It is an open prove for Sectarianists, Hypocrites and False claimers and who deny the universal fact and it is an absolute reflection of their characters which gives the answer to all the blames on the Quranic Scripts and God Almighty has put disbelievers in a new challenge and this challenge will convert the disbelievers into Muslim. (Insha Allah)

    If the comparative analysis of topics of every Surah is presented in this pattern on the electronic media then present and next generations will enter in a new scientific era by following Quranic Script with knowledge, wisdom and technology.

    In this “Holy Quran” URDU, Translation by Fateh Muhammad Jalandhri, and ENGLISH Translation by M. Marmaduke Pickthall is presented along with “ARABIC” Script. The Holy Quran is presented in equally three Columns.

    In this Holy Quran Micro Subject of these topics is also described which is very important. Which even in this developed and modern age would be a source of awakening for the ignorant and the astray. In this Holy Quran, the summary of every Surah is given in Urdu and English translation. Which will point out the subject of Surah for the readers of the “Holy Quran” and graph of its topics will be helpful for understanding after reading. (Masha Allah)

    This Quran is prepared for publication which is consisted of approximately 850 pages. Every page is arranged in Eight Colours, and it will be published on (9’’ x 11’’), 120gram Art Paper. For the publication of this “Holy Quran” a large amount is required. You are requested to cooperate with us by taking part in the publication of this “Holy Quran”. For you people who can afford this, there is an order of Allah. And Allah has a great reward for it that is on important opportunity of meditation in your worldly life. We hope that after receiving our request and by taking part in this important obligation, you would get great reward in this world and hereafter.

    Our team will be waiting for you every time to show the prepared copy of this “Holy Quran” and this effort will be proved pioneer for the great change in the world.

    Thanks`& Kind Regards

    Well wisher:-

    Compiler: Saeed ur Rahman

    Publisher: Rahman Manifold Pvt,(Ltd).

    Faisalabad, Pakistan. Ph: 0092-41-2600865-9

    Cell: 0092-300-9665155


    Incharge: Zahid Nadeem

    Ph: 0092-41-2643141

    Cell: 0092-300-6643351



    A Successful experiment has been done for the cure of Diseases “Hepatitis”, “Blood Pressure”, “Diabetes”, “Heart”, “Liver” and “Aids” etc. By using the parts of herbs in the light of Quranic verses. You can also get benefit by gaining cure of these diseases. You can also get cured of different diseases by taking benefit from it and can get rid off the worldly medicine. In this way 65% share of world budget can by saved which is being consumed on the different diseases of the human beings. A new Islamic and reformative revolution will be taking place by adopting this method of treatment.

    Bank Account:

    Saeed ur Rahman

    Account No. 04500011063301

    Habib Bank Limited,

    Bhawana Bazar Branch, Faisalabad.

  2. Ibrahim Ali

    Dear Sir,
    Please check homepage of our website The Christianity and Islam are mutual friends as per Quranic Verses 5:82. Off late we are bombarded with news in the world media about the priesthood in Catholicism, which is already mentioned in the holy Quranic Verses 57:27-28.
    We have sent the following messages to the governments of the world, media centers, churches, synagogues and Islamic foundations to spread the message of universal peace,brotherhood, security and prosperity for all mankind in these troubled times.
    Our LORD Almighty has praised Christians in the Holy Quranic Verses 3:55,5:82,57:27,28, except Quranic Verses 5:14,15,16 & 57,9:31. As per Quranic Verses 4:59 and 83, it is our duty to spread the message of universal peace and human brotherhood.
    Please download from web site http://WWW.GOLDENDUAS.COM prayers from Holy Quran regarding the same. The message may be circulated to all concerned through government websites, media publications in all languages and through all mediums of communication as per Quranic Verses 2:2,10:57,17:11,16,28:59, 39:55,57,13:37&65:8. Otherwise it will amount to refusal to follow our Lord’s Order, guidance and direction as per Quranic Verses 6:26.
    With kind regards


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