Siyafunda Trust: Markaz Ad-Dawah Al-Islamia – About Us

About us

The Humble beginning

The challenge that posed itself in South Africa was delivering the message of Islam to the masses that we were deprived of for various reasons in the apartheid era. The beginning question was how could we positively contribute to this young and emerging nation in order to ensure that the sanctity of moral values and leadership based on truth and justice for all is preserved.

The answer was found in us reflecting in the history of the best of mankind, our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Was he not faced with the same challenge? By the grace and help of Allah he changed those ignorant into men and woman that the world today beg for, as their leaders. Verily it is only by the establishment of the just law of Allah can we truly achieve a moral high ground of justice and peace within all strata of society. The prophet (PBUH) adopted as part of his strategy the means of Dawah, education and Tarbiyah.

In 2000 Siyafunda Trust was established in order to meet and contribute to this challenge by providing the service of Dawah, education and Tarbiyah. In our efforts over the years it was identified that an institute which will provide an environment that is conductive for education and Tarbiyah based on sound Islamic values was needed. Further to this we also realized that such an institute should produce men that will take back the message to their communities and people, hence in December 2000, the trust acquired a 17 hectare plot in Onderstepoort, Pretoria.

In January 2001 Siyafunda Trust officially opened the doors of Markaz Ad-Dawah Al-Islamia Soshanguve, to 12 students from different parts of South Africa and Lesotho.

The trust appointed its Ameer, Sh. Farouk Amod as the principal of this institute and together with 2 dedicated teachers (Sh. Hussein Roble and Sh. Abdu Samad Halane) were charged with the responsibility of meeting this challenge of transforming these young men.

“By teaching us Islam you have transformed us to human beings with high morals, values and ethics….” (words of one student)

Seven years on…..

  • The first 12 students enrolled at Markaz Ad-Dawah Al-Islamia
  • 7 Brothers reverted to Islam
  • A Masjid was built later in this year, the masjid can accommodate 280 Musallees
  • Visit by delegation from Madina University
  • A house was built for staff accommodation
  • Student roll increased to 45
  • 25 Brothers revert to Islam
  • Three boreholes were sunk
  • A mini kitchen was built
  • A senior student was a forerunner in the national Qirat competition
  • A “parent only” Dawah Jalsa was held.
  • Jummah Salaah on Campus
  • First Taraweeh Salaah
  • Student roll increase to 87
  • 30 Brothers revert to Islam
  • First hotel was built to accommodate 100 students.
  • Senior student represented Markaz at the international Qirah competition held in the Holy City of Makkah.
  • Four students were sponsored to perform the Haj.
  • Second house built
  • Trust was registered as a public benefit organisation
  • Student roll increased to 150
  • 50 Brothers reverted to Islam
  • Full time secular education introduced on site
  • Students accepted at University of Madinah
  • Trust was registered as a non-profit organisation
  • Students roll was reduced to 100 due to financial constrain
  • Full time secular education on site was also terminated due to financial constrain
  • 16 Brothers revert to Islam
  • 1st Phase of library/office/recreation centre was built attached to the musjid (needs completion)
  • Students interacted with outside schools in various codes of sports….. half of the opposition team reverted to Islam after the match.
  • A student attended a part time security course and became a registered security service provider.
  • Iftaar Saaim program continues with I’tikaaf every year since 2002.
  • Student roll-120
  • HIFDH student participate in the international Qiraah competition in Makkah.
  • Five students awarded bursaries to enroll at Universities and Technical Colleges.
  • Third teacher house built by staff and students.
  • First level Dorah Hadeeth class started.
  • Senior students attented aids awareness workshop and were certified as facilitators.
  • Student Roll beginning of the year at 140
  • Second and final level Dorah Hadeeth
  • Dining Hall built by staff
  • Driving course offered to Dorah Hadeeth students
  • N+ Computer course for staff and Dorah students
  • Dorah student enlisted as a reservist with the SAPS and successfully complete his training programme.
  • Students delivered Jummah talks and Khutbah
  • Staff members deliver Hadeeth as well as Tafseer programme on I-TV.

This piece is taken from the website of Siyafunda Trust: Markaz Ad-Dawah Al-Islamia.

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2 thoughts on “Siyafunda Trust: Markaz Ad-Dawah Al-Islamia – About Us

  1. Osman SPATA

    A.a brothers in islam from a breif history about your institute that is hard working may Alah bless you and give you iman in every thing you do. ihave a brother in your school who departed from kenya yesterday I my self will join you inshalah


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