As-Salaam Educational Trust – Vision

As-Salaam Educational Institute is determined to be a leading organization of education, staffed by capable and dedicated educators providing education and training in accordance with Islamic values to promote excellence in all endeavours for the greater welfare of South African society and for the pleasure of God Almighty.

As-Salaam Educational Institute is committed to providing excellence in education and training, based on Islamic values, to develop sound leadership and improve the quality of life of the wider community.

We strive to achieve these goals in the following ways:

– Developing the full potential and balanced growth of learners to enable them to face reality and create awareness about their responsibility and accountability.

– Ensuring that one grows up with a strong belief in sharing values of justice, unity, selflessness, honesty, integrity and tolerance.

– Promoting the enjoining of good and prevention of evil in society.

– Promoting excellence in all activities and encouraging freedom of thought in accordance with the Divine Will.

– Promoting professional development of educators and enabling them to serve as good role models.

– Building a relationship of mutual respect and trust with the community and participating in their social upliftment.

– Developing a sense of social responsibility for the efficient use of resources and safeguarding the welfare of all creation.

– Working in co-operation with others that have similar goals.

This piece is taken from the website of As-Salaam Educational Trust.

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