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As-Salaam is situated in a rural environment that is characterised by socio-economic problems such as unemployment, poverty, absence of parents/elders from homes and children leaving school before completing their secondary school education. Such problems impact negatively
on the community and the school. Against this background As-Salaam introduced short practical training courses in sewing, baking, woodwork and welding in the early nineties on a part time basis and over weekends. The main objectives of these programs was to equip the unemployed with skills to prepare them for self employment in nearby towns and villages. In doing so As-Salaam was already supporting the new governments reconstruction and development program. However there were other issues beyond the control of the school that needed to be addressed to improve the plight of the local community.

Despite the early difficulties As-Salaam pursued its objective by focusing on school leavers and offering a limited number of nationally recognised technical college programs after consultation with KZN Department of Education and forming a partnership with the former Umlazi Technical College. This partnership has blossomed more specially after the merger of technical colleges by the government. As-Salaam is now a satellite campus of Coastal KZN FET College.

In 2002 twelve learners enrolled for and passed the National Certificate (Orientation) Program. This humble beginning served as a spur to others and very soon, as the message filtered to communities, the intake grew appreciably.

The dormitory facility for males is helping us to extend our services to learners from outlying areas. It is significant that As-Salaam is producing comparatively superior results in the national examinations as a result of the facilities, dedication of learners and educators and staff. Many of the students are continuing their education and training at tertiary institutions and some are also in employment.

Encouraged by these developments As-Salaam is planning and preparing to build additional classrooms, workshops and a dormitory for female students. These facilities are crucial to the new and modern curricula to be introduced from 2007.

This piece is taken from the website of As-Salaam Educational Trust.

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