Al Ansaar Foundation – About the Al Ansaar Foundation

Al-Ansaar was founded in1993 (1414 AH) with the primary objective of promoting Islamic education and tarbiyyah. In 1994 premises were acquired at the Mariam Bee Sultan Islamic Centre where a pre-school, nursery and Madrasah were established. Since 1995, Al-Ansaar embarked upon a number of other educational projects such as the Hajj Seminars, Qur’an School, and the Islamic Library. Al-Ansaar is focussed on the view that the revival and renaissance of the Ummah can only be realised by education, tarbiyah and da’wah. Al-Ansaar believes that for Muslims to re-assert their civilisational role, education and knowledge must be given the highest priorities !

Al-Ansaar activities and projects are designed to create awareness revive beliefs and enforce Islamic practices and family values. Radio Al-Ansaar and the Al-Ummah Newspaper have been used to tackle current issues encourage debate and discussion and create an informed and conscientious Ummah.

2005 heralds the 12th year of the foundations activities their desire to create a enlightened, informed, educated and Islamically active community in KZN has gained tremendous success. The culmination of this success is the establishment of the Cultural and Community Centre which will perpetuate their activities.

Achievements of Al Ansaar

  • Meeting with Mandela
  • Political Hot Seat – giving all Political Parties the platform to highlight their Ideas
  • Helping other NGO’s and Aids Orphanages
  • Showcasing Local Talent – (Rabia Sayed, Imraan Dahya, Arif Subrati, Inayat Petker)
  • Meeting with Essop Pahad – Minister in President’s Office
  • Souk & Trade Fair
  • Exposing the Muslim community to International Guests
  • Largest Hajj Seminar in KZN
  • Budget Hajj
  • Women’s Day Program
  • Radio Al-Ansaar – * 1st Islamic Radio Station in KwaZulu Natal

The Future of the Al Ansaar Foundation

It is envisaged that the establishment of the Al-Ansaar Cultural and Community Centre will attract both the indigenous and the other races in the community. The centre would provide a platform for a greater understanding of Islam and Muslims in South Africa. The building of the centre commenced in March 2005. The project will take two years to complete. The new centre will incorporate a complete Radio and Television Studio.

This piece is taken from the website of Al Ansaar Foundation.

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One thought on “Al Ansaar Foundation – About the Al Ansaar Foundation

  1. Zaheera

    Salaams could u plz forward me ur fone no,a friend needs it urgently,he is a nasheed artist here in SA,he wants 2 apply 4 a job as presenter at your radio station,plz wud u b so kind as 2 send it thru 2 me via sms bcoz my email is not working at present.Much Appreciated my no is 0764915329 Shukran!


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