Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria: Nasratul Ahmadiyya

Constitutionally, this body of the younger generation is expected to function not independently but under the supervision of other auxiliary body of grown-ups (Lajnah Imaillah),  for co-ordinating of the activities of this body; organizing lectures, picnics, meetings, rallies and so on, for the body.  In fact, in addition to other various training programmes for these children, an annual Ta’aleemul Islam Class, popularly known as Islamic Vacation course is also organized for them.  This was because the programme, which ran for a two-week duration, was always held during the long vacation of schools.  At the initial stage, the programme was being organized on national basis by Majlis Khuddam.  But it was later decentralized in 1981 so that every state started holding its own independently, at its convenience.

It was later, when young ladies were in majority in the Lajna that organization and training of the Nasirat was taken over by the Lajna Imaillah.  And since then, Lajna Imaillah had been organizing various training and social programmes for them.  Nasirat were always involved in the Lajnah Ijtema and other programmes, just as Atfal were also always involved in that of Majlis Khuddam.  They always have one or two officers each from their elder body Lajna Imaillah.  Who takes care of their training and guidance.  Mrs. Salimat Tokan and Sister Salamat Motajo were for a long time Incharge of the Nasirat on the platform of Lajna Imaillah.

Like every other auxiliary body of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Nasrat have their own account in the Jama’at financial set-up.  This became necessary so that they also could be trained and encouraged to cultivate the habit of paying Chanda-Aam (monthly contributions) from their tender age.  By the grace of Allah, they are responding positively and progressively to this as well as other training.  In order to also train them in the art of leadership, officers are also being appointed among them and they are always encouraged to hold their separate meetings, but under the direction and supervision of elders.  This organization has launched her branches and is well organized in many states of Nigeria.


3 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria: Nasratul Ahmadiyya

  1. Akbar Ahmad

    I am an ahmadi from Bangladesh.
    I need an ahmady lawyear’s email id. This is very urgent. Lawyea from Benin is preffered.


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