Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria: Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria

Until early 1970s, there was virtually no regular, organized, or formally established Majlis Ansarullah in the Nigeria Branch of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at.  However the elders of the Jama’at were, from the very inception, actively participated in all the activities of the Jama’at, doing these purely as members of the Jama’at and not as members of  Majlis Ansarullah.  Later, when many of those who were active in Majlis Khuddam attained the age of forty, the stage became set for the establishment of Majlis Ansarullah.

The formal establishment of Majlis Ansarullah, in Nigeria, actually took place in December, 1973, during the Annual Conference.  At that time, it was the then Amir, Maulana M. A. Shahid, who assembled the elders of the Jama’at present at that conference and addressed them on the need for forming Majlis Ansarullah.  This they started, almost immediately, and elected Alhaji Abubakar Idogbe Kukoyi as their Zaeem-i-Ala (National Leader).  From then on, Majlis Ansarullah has been in operation in different local branches of the Jama’at.  They have also organized various interesting programmes, to cater for their members’ physical, social and spiritual development.

The following were the pioneer members of the Aamila of Majlis Ansarullah, Ahmadiyya Nigeria.
1.  Alhaji A. I. Kukoyi                   –           Nazeem-A’la
2.  Bro. M. K. Ayodeji                   –           Secretary Tajneed
3.  Alhaji B. O. Parakoyi               –           Financial Secretary
4.  Alhaji A. Q. A. Motajo              –           Secretary Tarbiyyah
5.  Alhaji F. A. S. Shijuwola           –           Secretary Reformation and Guaindance
6.  Bro. M. A. Azeez                      –           Secretary Isar (Promotion of Sacrifice)
7.  Alfa Ibraheem Anifowoshe        –           Secretary Talim/Tabligh
8.  Bro. R. O. Odunkoya               –           Secretary for Waqfi Jadid
9.  Alhaji H. T. Okunnu                 –           Naib Nazeem-Ala- Publicity
10. Alhaji A. W. Olonode               –           Member
11. Alhaji H.H. Falade                    –           Member
12. Alfa S. A. Olayemi                   –           Member
13. Bro. T. Ola. Said                      –           Assistant Secretary (Tajneed)
They have also been holding their Annual Ijtema since then.

Majlis Ansarullah was elevated to a higher standard in 1982.  That year ,Alhaji Abubakar  Kukoyi the Nazeem-A’la attended the International Conference of the Jama’at in Rabwah.  There,  he was given a comprehensive orientation on the organization and operations of the Majlis, by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the then Sadar of the Majlis Ansarullah. So, when Alhaji Kukoyi returned to Nigeria from that Jalsa, he intensified the efforts and activities of the Majlis.

This piece is taken from the website of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria.

See on-line at: http://www.ahmadiyyang.org/auxi-ansarullah.php


One thought on “Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria: Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria

  1. fasasi muslim ayinla

    asalam alaekum waramotu llahi wabarakatuhu well done may allmighty allah reword you with good things in life and khaira ameen we used to enjoy your lecture,allmighty allha will let you live long to deliver his message to agreat level in life as we all know that islam as a religion, have a good program for the people in the whole word, but to my own suprise we muslim are not in the right way to take impact in what going on in this country(nigeria).people like dr saind timehin & people like him are many in politice in this country(i,e house of rep, senate etc) that use holy qurian to contibute to any matter discussed in the meeting hold in goverment house i assure you that nigeria will become a great country in my own point of view, all the lecture how nigeria will become a good country in which some alfas came to discuss in the television & radio, is just an ordinary mauth talk because immediately poeples they are out of the media house all what they said is no more effective again let ised saudi arrabia country as an example, assuming there is no competent muslim that knows the rules & regulation of islam out of the people ruling the country, will the country be good as it is now?pls&pls am using this medium to plead to you that you should help us, (we muslims)to add to your lecture any time you are in program, to tell the whole muslim both men & women in the country that are graduate & who have the knowlege and understanding of islam verywell to partcipate in politice, in order for nigeria to become a great nation. Yoruba ti mafi ko nile nipe yuoruba sope oo si nile oni won o pin da iru enia wo ni ewure re bi obuko sebi eniti kosi nile ni oro eyin agba ni emi ni tiyin fasasi muslim ayinla ma a ssalam


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