Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria: Belief Held by Ahmadies

(1) We believe that God exists; to ascribe to a belief in His existence is to affirm the most important truth; it is not to follow an illusion or superstition.

(2) We believe that God is One. He has no partner here nor in Heaven. Everything else is His creation, dependent on His help and sustenance. He is without son or daughter or father or mother or wife or brothers, Unique in His Oneness and in His individuality.

(3) We believe that God is Holy. Free from all defects and full of all perfections. There is no imperfection which may be found in Him, and no perfection which may not be found in Him. His power in unlimited. So is His knowledge. He encompasses everything and there is nothing which encompasses Him. He is the First and the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden, the Creature and Master of all creation. His control never failed in the past, nor is it failing at present, nor will it fail in the future. Free from death, He is the living, the Enduring. He suffers no defect or decay. His actions are willed, not force or constrained. He rules over the world today as He ever ruled before. His attributes are eternal. His power always evident.

(4) We believe that angels are a part of God’s creation. They follow the law laid down in the Qur’an – ‘they do what they are commanded.’ They have been created in His Wisdom for the discharge of determinate duties. Their existence is real and references to them in the Holy Book are not metaphorical. They depend on God in the same way as men or His other creatures. He is not dependent on them for the manifestation of His power. Had He willed, He would have created the universe without angels, but His perfect wisdom willed their creation, so angels came into being. God created light for the eye and bread for hunger. He created light and bread not because he was in need of them of them but because man was in need of them. The angels only manifest the Will and wisdom of God.

(5) We believe that God speaks to His chosen servants and reveals to them His purpose. Revelation from God descends in words. The recipient provides neither the meaning nor the words of revelation. Both come from Him. Revelation provides real sustenance for man. Man lives by it and through it man comes to have contact with God. The words, which embody a revelation of God, are unique in their power and majesty. No man can coin such words. They carry treasures of knowledge and wisdom. They are like a mine, the deeper you dig the more precious stones you get out of it. Indeed, a mine is nothing compared with revelation. Revelation is like a sea with a scented surface and a bed strewn with the most precious pearls. Those who turn to the surface, enjoy the fragrance of the surface, and those who dive deep find the pearls below. Revelation is of many kinds. Sometimes it consists of ordinances and laws, sometimes of exortations. Sometimes it brings knowledge of the unseen, sometimes knowledge of spiritual truths. Sometimes it conveys the goodwill and approval of God, sometimes His disapproval and displeasure, sometimes His love and regard, sometimes warning and rebukes. Sometimes it teaches points in morals, sometimes His insight into secret evils. In short, our belief is that God communicates His Will to His servants. These communications vary with circumstance and the spiritual status of the recipient. Of all divine communications, the most perfect, the most complete and comprehensive is the Holy Qur’an The laws laid down in the Holy Qur’an and spiritual guidance it contains are to last forever. They cannot be superseded by any future revelation or communication from God.

(6) We also believe that when darkness prevails in the world and human beings sink deep in sin and evil. When without the help of God it becomes difficult for them to release themselves from the hold of Satan, then out of His Mercy and Beneficence, God chooses from out of His own loving and loyal servants, those whom He charges with the duty to guide the world. God says, “And there are not a people but had had a warner.” (The Holy Qur’an, 35:25). It means that God has sent His messengers to all peoples of the world. Their pure lives and perfect example ever serve as guides for other human beings. Through them God reveals His Will and purpose. Those who turn away from them degrade themselves. Those who turn to them earn the love of God. The doors of His blessings are opened to them. His Grace and Mercy descend on them. They become spiritual preceptor for generations to come and attain greatness in this world and the next.

(7) We also believe that divine messengers, who in the past have helped mankind out of darkness and evil. Have belonged to different levels of spiritual greatness and have fulfilled in different degrees the divine purpose which determined their advent. The greatest of them was the Holy Prophet (on whom be peace and the blessing of God). God described him as “the chief of men, a messenger unto all mankind.”

This piece is taken from the website of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria.

See on-line at: http://www.ahmadiyyang.org/belief-of-ahmadis.php


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