Sultan Bahu Sufi Order

The Sutan Bahu Sufi Order was established in South Africa in the eary 1980’s. The head of
the order Faqir Abdul Hamid Sarwari Qaderi resides in Kulachi, NW frontier, Pakistan. He
made his first trip to South Africa in the early 1980’s, where he initiated khalifa Saeed Ali
Chopdat into the silsila and made him the senior khalifa for the region. Sheikh Saeed Ali has
made great sacrices to ensure the success of the silsila, and al’hamdu’lillah today we have
many thousands of mureeds in South Africa and neighbouring countries. Sheikh runs the
centre from the head office in Mayfair, Johannesburg, where he also runs an orphanage
and a dialysis centre. Many other projects are also being successfully run, such as the drug
rehab centres in Cape Town, a vibrant centre in Durban and a dawah centre in
Potchefstroom, under Sautul Islam.

It is taken from the website of the Sultan Bahu Susi Order.

See on-line at:


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