Savagery is the Trade Mark of Zionism


HOME Feb. 2009

Savagery is the trade Mark of Zionism

– Mahfuz Mundadu

We are experiencing it again. The barbaric and feral behavior of the Zionist usurpers knows no bound. This of course, could not have been possible without the active collaboration of the neo-cons and Zionist sidekicks in the white house. It has always been this atrocious. So disheartening as it was and still is there is nothing new. Savagery is the trade mark of Zionism. History is abounding with its endless list of crimes.

Just like his predecessor, the rotten dead meat Ariel the assassin, Olmert is by the same token murderous and venomously sadistic. The spineless cowards see nothing wrong in the massacre of defenceless and harmless children, women and the aged. In fact their so-call Generals obtain their medals of (dis) honour from this act of brutality. They never fought and won a true conventional war. They are only good at assassination, espionage, blackmail, intimidation and victimization. They are accountable to nobody and respect no any UN resolution.

When it attacked Lebanon the expected delivery time was 3 hours. Three hour was reviewed to 3 days. Three days turned in to 34 days. There after the UN passed a resolution in a futile attempt to disguise the defeat of the illegal state of Israeli as a truce. Since then wild Olmert has been looking for a way to redeem his irredeemable image.

With the military defeat of the illegal state of Israel, it became clear to all and sundry that after all the military might of the Zionist state was not as adroit as the world was deceived in to believing. Hitherto people were tricked in to believing that nobody can survive facing the military might of the Zionist Israel. In spite of its military might Hizbullah survived its assault. Zionist military might is undefeatable, so we were told. Alas Hizbullah defeated it. They were chased out of Lebanon just like a tail-wagging puppy escaping from the den of lions.

Any right thinking person would have expected the hawks to learn one or two lessons. Of course they did learn more than a lesson. But peace is an enemy to them. With chaos and turmoil their economy thrives. Tranquillity is a collective threat to their continued existence. Their economy and that of their benefactor survive on cheap resources from the weak and vulnerable nations and communities.

And to get these resources free or ridiculously cheap they need to attack so as to plunder. To loot they must fight a war. And to fight a war they need weapons. And in that they saw a business opportunity. The established defence industries could not survive in peace time. The best means of remaining in business is to sustain arms race. Where there is chaos they sustain it. Where there is none they trigger one, and another, and another. Even in communism the capitalist saw a phony enemy.

When communism died a “natural” death, or rather killed after it might have served its purpose the neo-cons needed a new enemy to fight so as to keep its defence industries in business. In Islam they saw an enemy. It is a real threat to western hegemony. Its cleanness and purity placed it in perfect harmony with human nature.

Something needs to be done and done very fast; to disfigure and misrepresent the deen. The unfinished job of Yazid needs to be accomplished once and for all. Provocation was the weapon deployed. When a Muslim individual or community is being attacked or its existence being threatened the world under the criminal eyes of the paper tiger called United Nation goes to sleep. However, when the Muslims rise to defend themselves UN comes back to life.

Of course the victims of such injustice see this as a double standard. Moreover, the so called international community proved beyond any reasonable doubt to be subjective and malicious tools in the hands of western aggression. Thus, the former is left with very few options.

And with this, a dreadful cordon against an ever lasting peace was erected. The more the victims of the large scale injustice insist on their right to self determination, the more the aggressor finds many more countless irrational excuses to unleash supplementary and complementary belligerence.

The atrocities of the illegal state of Israel should not be seen in isolation. It ought to be put in its proper perspectives. The ultimate aim of the world arrogance is hegemony. Look back and read history. Whoever controls the Middle East controls the world. And if the world arrogance is to realize its dream it has no option but to maintain its grip on the Middle East. Hence the proliferation of Western stooges in the name of Arab leaders. The Arab leaders formed the Arab league. With its ineptitude it became a league of yes-maniac bootlickers. Yes the Arab rulers are doing the bidding of the West, at least before the advent of intifada. With the success of the Islamic revolution in the now Islamic Republic of Iran the ball was set rolling to challenge the Western domination. Remember the slogan, ” neither East nor West, Islam only ”.

The genuine freedom fighters in the Muslim world drew their inspiration from the dogged, unalloyed and unadulterated determination of Imam Khomeini of blessed memory, which eventually resulted in the dawn fall of the most loyal puppet of US in the Middle East in the name of Shah. His loyalty to Zionists was so unadulterated that people like Mubarak and AbuMaazeen turn blue with envy.

The Leaders of the Arab nation are finding it difficult to accomplish the task of delivering Middle East on a blood socked platter of brass, to the Zionist state because Hamas and Hizbullah have proved to be some difficult hard nuts to crack. Hence, the criminal covert and overt “intervention of their masters, as exemplified by the illegal state of Israel and neo-cons in the white house. The scandalous inaction of the Arab league drives home this bitter truth. Of course “zombie no go talk unless you tell am to talk”.

The real threat to Muslims and Islam is not the illegal state of Israel or the blood thirsty Bush (men) or the Zionist infested regime of Obama. The problems are the inept and corrupt Muslim leaders that are doing the bidding of the imperialist vampires. The illegal state of Israel and the Yankees cannot do a damn thing without the active collaboration of the headless Muslim leadership. So when next we are looking for a solution to our problems we need not to go far. If there are as many Ahmadi Nejad as there are Leaders of the Muslim nations in the Muslim world by now a cancerous contraption called the illegal state of the Zionist Israel would have long been a history.

This article is taken from the Official Website of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria

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